Encaustic Art

The use of beeswax as a painting medium has created images that have lasted over 2,000 years yet the technique can be used to create almost instant artwork. The modern encaustic art technique uses a medium comprised of a pre-prepared mixture of wax and pigment that is melted and applied to a sealed surface using electrically heated tools.

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ENCACA4 ENCAUSTIC PAINTING CARD A4 Pkt100. A specially manufactured heavyweight (250gsm), gloss finished, white card designed to provide an excellent surface for repeatedly working the encaustic waxes with the low heat encaustic tools. 4 Login For Price
ENCACA5 ENCAUSTIC PAINTING CARD A5 Pkt100. A specially manufactured heavyweight (250gsm), gloss finished, white card designed to provide an excellent surface for repeatedly working the encaustic waxes with the low heat encaustic tools. 3 Login For Price
ENCAIKIT ENCAUSTIC STARTER KIT-ADVANCED. This kit contains the following items: 1 x Encaustic Iron,1 x set 16 Basic Wax Blocks,Starter Guide Booklet, 1x Metal Scribing Tool , 30 x A6, 10 x A5 Cards. 2 Login For Price
ENCAIRON ENCAUSTIC PAINTING IRON. This low heat tool is similar to a small travel iron but features a high quality thermostat to allow the production of a stable low temperature and a polsihed metall base rather than a teflon coating. The iron can be used as a small hotplate or palette when inverted. 3 Login For Price
ENCASEAL ENCAUSTIC WAX SEALER 150ml. The encaustic art wax sealer is ideal to add a tougher acrylic surface to greetings cards. It is also useful & valuable in encaustic collage work. Apply with soft brush to polished wax surface 4 Login For Price
ENCAST07 ^ENCAUSTIC STYLUS BRUSH HEAD TIP. The wire brush head does not behave like any other brush. It is a collection of thin copper wires bound into a brass rod. Gently placed against the wax block or held with the 'heel' of the brass rod touching the wax, the colour will melt and flood into the head's fibres. 0 Login For Price
ENCAST08 ^ENCAUSTIC STYLUS MINI IRON TIP. The Mini Iron tip is suited to working in small areas - patterning, miniature landscapes, etc. It is the largest tip made for this low-heat stylus unit and it loses heat too quickly into the cold painting surface to be useful for large sweeping strokes - stick with miniatures and small areas.The triangular tip is about 36mm on the straight back edge and the curved edges are almost 40mm from tip to tip. It is made of 2mm thick aluminum, so can be cut and worked into any shape you choose, using standard soft metal tools. 0 Login For Price
ENCAST09 ^ENCAUSTIC STYLUS MICRO IRON TIP. The Micro Iron tip is a useful and versatile addition to the collection. You can get it into those places where the iron is just too clumsy to use. It is great for working 'inside' pictures and it holds a good working temperature. Made from aluminum, it measures about 15mm from the front tip to the curved back edge and is 10mm at its widest. This popular tip is worth having enables new potentials and control. 0 Login For Price
ENCAST10 *ENCAUSTIC STYLUS ROUND DISC TIP. The disk of this round tip is about 20mm in diameter & offers smooth curved edges when slid over the wax colour. The circular shape can be used to create all sorts of object in images. If the tip is turned upside down the edge can be used for lining which can save having to change to another tip. 1 Login For Price
ENCAST11 ENCAUSTIC SCRIBING TOOL. Double-ended scribing tool for use with Encaustic painting stylus. 0 Login For Price
ENCAW27 ENCAUSTIC WAX - CLEAR BOX 16. Box of 16 transparent, Encaustic wax blocks. 5 Login For Price
ENCAWFA ENCAUSTIC WAX-FANTASIA Set 16. The Encaustic Art Fantasia 16 encaustic paint wax blocks is full of bright rich colours that lend themselves to dramatic paintings.The set contains one block each of magenta, bright red, mid yellow, neon yellow, blue green, sap green, prussian blue, indigo, neon pink, red violet, purple, silver, gold, black and pearlescent. Blocks measure 11mm x 24mm x 42mm. 5 Login For Price
ENCAWLA ENCAUSTIC WAX-LANDSCAPE Set 16. The Encaustic Art Landscape 16 block encaustic paint set is perfect for those wanting a more naturalistic selection of colours.This set contains one block each of crimson, golden orange, lemon, leaf green, green, olive green, pastel blue, prussian blue, indigo, pink, red violet, yellow brown, rust brown, black and 2 each of white . Blocks measure 11mm x 24mm x 42mm. 4 Login For Price
ENCAWPA ENCAUSTIC WAX-PASTEL Set 16. The Encaustic Art Pastel selection contains one block each of neon green, pastel mint, pastel blue, pastel lilac, pink, pastel orange, pastel coral, yellow ochre, bronze, blue violet, neon blue, grey, pearlescent medium, cream, clear wax medium and white. Blocks measure 11mm x 24mm x 42mm. 6 Login For Price
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