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Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
LBE37982 *LUKAS W/S OIL 37ml- IVORY BLACK 6 Login For Price
LUK200810 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml-Pr.YELLOW. 2 Login For Price
LUK200826 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml CADMIUM YELLOW LIGHT. 4 Login For Price
LUK200829 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml-C/ORANGE. 7 Login For Price
LUK200850 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml-PRIMARY RED 1 Login For Price
LUK200866 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml ALIZARIN CRIMSON 7 Login For Price
LUK200872 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml - CADMIUM RED LIGHT 7 Login For Price
LUK200874 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml-CADMIUM RED DEEP 5 Login For Price
LUK200909 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml- BURNT SIENNA. 9 Login For Price
LUK200911 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml - BURNT UMBER 2 Login For Price
LUK200920 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml-Prim.BLUE. Lukas Berlin water-soluble oils are a balanced spectrum of 24 colours complemented by three primary colours. It brings strong colour tones and a buttery consistency to the classroom allowing students to achieve the maximum effect. Lukas Berlin is a high quality oil made with pure linseed and sunflower oil as a binder. Additives have been modified so that it is possible to add water and it will not repel. It acts like a normal oil colour except it is mixable. Clean with soap and water. 3 Login For Price
LUK200921 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml CERULEAN. 4 Login For Price
LUK200923 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml-COBALT BLUE LIGHT 9 Login For Price
LUK200927 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200m COBALT VIOLET DEEP 4 Login For Price
LUK200938 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml SKY BLUE. 3 Login For Price
LUK200953 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml OXIDE OF CHROMIUM 2 Login For Price
LUK200972 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml CINNABAR GREEN LIGHT 2 Login For Price
LUK200982 ^LUKAS W/S Oil200ml- IVORY BLACK 7 Login For Price
LUK200990 ^LUKAS W/S OIL 200ml WARM GREY 1 Login For Price
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