Rowney Bristlewhite Brushes

A pure hog bristle brush that can be instantly recognised by its white tipped blue handle. The Bristlewhite brush is manufactured from the finest quality Chunking hog bristle which is recognised for its resilience and durability. As with all good hog brushes, it is the natural shade of the hair, dressed by hand, using interlocked construction which helps to retain the shape, allowing perfect control for firm strokes and delicate touches.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
207901102 Selection set contains a size 2 Round, sizes 1, 4 and 8 Short Flat and size 6 Long Flat. NLA
207948004 *ROWNEY BRISTLEWHITE HOG BRUSH - LONG FLAT Size 4. . 119 Login For Price
207984002 *ROWNEY BRISTLEWHITE HOG BRUSH - FAN Size 2 24 Login For Price
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