Watercolour Painting Glue

ShinHan Painting Glue for Professionals is a painting medium intended for use in color mixing. This water-based glue is processed from liquefied gelatin, and is primarily used for painting thickly on handmade Chinese, Korean and Japanese painting papers. Its transparency is very important in protecting the chroma and values when intermixing colours. Clear and bright, following the elimination of most impurities, ShinHan Professional Painting Glue is superior to any other similar glue. Dilute with 1 -2 parts water before use.

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SH1495580 SHINHAN PROFESSIONAL WATERCOLOUR PAINTING GLUE 200ml. To ensure the preservation of an artwork, combine one part glue with one part water when using the following colours: White, Yellow Light, Burnt Sienna, Yellow Ochre, Opal Green, Ultramarine Blue, Light Blue Violet, Orange, Lemon Yellow Pale and Raw Sienna. For other colours, mix one part glue with two parts water. 10 Login For Price
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