S&S Mop & Comb Brushes

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SS32602 S&S 326 SUPERIOR BRISTLE WASH BRUSH 2 inch (50mm). 45 Login For Price
SS501810 S&S 501 FINE GOAT HAIR MOP BRUSH 1 inch (25mm). 63 Login For Price
SS501812 S&S 501 FINE GOAT HAIR MOP BRUSH 1/2 inch (12mm). 15 Login For Price
SS501834 S&S 501 FINE GOAT HAIR MOP BRUSH 3/4 inch (19mm). 6 Login For Price
SSMOP12 S&S TOLEMASTER GOAT MOP BRUSH 1/2inch (11mm). 114 Login For Price
SSPR12 S&S TOLEMASTER ROUND BRUSH Size 12. 62 Login For Price
SSRC12 S&S TOLEMASTER RAKE/COMB BRUSH 1/2 inch (12.5mm). 53 Login For Price
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