Daler 'Simply' Watercolours

Simply watercolours by Daler-Rowney are affordable, basic colours ideal for beginners and younger artists.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
134500000 SIMPLY WATERCOLOUR POCKET 12 COLOUR SET. Includes a watercolour pan in each of the colours lemon yellow, gamboges hue, vermillion hue, alizarin crimson, sap green, viridian, yellow ochre, light red, burnt sienna, cobalt blue hue, prussian blue and black plus one size 4 round watercolour brush in a lidded plastic travel case. 30 Login For Price
134500900 *DALER-ROWNEY SIMPLY WATERCOLOUR MINI ART SET. Contains one 12ml tube each of Contains one 12ml tube each of white, lemon yellow, crimson red, ultramarine, sap green and black, 7 x 10" Simply watercolour pad and brush set. 0 Login For Price
134500950 DALER SIMPLY WATERCOLOUR MINI CANVAS SET. Contains 6 x 12ml tubes of Simply watercolour, a watercolour brush, 2 mini easels and 6 mini watercolour boards. 5 Login For Price
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