Maimeri Blu Watercolours

Transparency and clarity of pigments is the key to top quality watercolours. Maimeri Blu Artist Watercolours have been developed with pigments offering the greatest transparency, clarity and lightfastness. Of the 72 colours in the Maimeri Blu range, 52 of the colours consist of a single pigment bound with authentic, top quality gum Arabic from Sudan and distilled water, providing the user with a watercolour that has a transparency, purity and clarity unlike any other brand. The materials and manufacturing processes used by Maimeri ensure that Maimeri Blu watercolours are among the best available on the market today.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
BLU15053 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 2/15ml AVIGNON ORANGE 4 Login For Price
BLU15054 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 3/15ml CADMIUM ORANGE 9 Login For Price
BLU15081 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 3/15ml CADMIUM YELLOW LT 2 Login For Price
BLU15105 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 15ml NAPTHOL YELLOW LIGHT 5 Login For Price
BLU15109 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 15ml NICKEL TITANITE YELLOW 5 Login For Price
BLU15110 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 2/15ml PERMANENT ORANGE 3 Login For Price
BLU15125 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 2/15ml ORANGE LAKE 6 Login For Price
BLU15128 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 3/15ml GOLDEN LAKE 4 Login For Price
BLU15174 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 2/15ml CRIMSON LAKE 2 Login For Price
BLU15181 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 2/15ml GARNET LAKE 3 Login For Price
BLU15182 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 3/15ml ROSE LAKE 4 Login For Price
BLU15226 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 3/15ml CADMIUM RED LT 7 Login For Price
BLU15232 *MaimeriBlu Watercolour 3/15ml CADMIUM RED DEEP 2 Login For Price
BLU15250 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 15m TRANSPARENT MARS RED 3 Login For Price
BLU15251 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 2/15ml-PERM. RED LIGHT 3 Login For Price
BLU15253 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 2/15ml PERM. RED DEEP 5 Login For Price
BLU15261 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 2/15ml TIZIANO RED 11 Login For Price
BLU15262 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 15ml VENETIAN RED 0 Login For Price
BLU15316 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 2/15ml COBALT GREEN LT 11 Login For Price
BLU15317 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 4/15ml COBALT GREEN DEEP 14 Login For Price
BLU15322 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 15ml CUPRIC GREEN LIGHT 4 Login For Price
BLU15325 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 15ml HOOKERS GREEN 2 Login For Price
BLU15338 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 2/15ml PERM GREEN YELLOW 5 Login For Price
BLU15339 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 15ml PERM GREEN LIGHT 7 Login For Price
BLU15340 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 15ml PERM GREEN DEEP 1 Login For Price
BLU15348 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 2/15ml VIRIDIAN 2 Login For Price
BLU15374 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 4/15ml COBALT BLUE DEEP 6 Login For Price
BLU15377 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 2/15ml FAIENCE BLUE 3 Login For Price
BLU15402 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 15ml PRUSSIAN BLUE 1 Login For Price
BLU15409 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 15ml GREEN BLUE 4 Login For Price
BLU15449 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 4/15ml COBALT VIOLET 3 Login For Price
BLU15460 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 4/15ml MINERAL VIOLET 6 Login For Price
BLU15477 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 15ml TRANS.MARS BROWN 1 Login For Price
BLU15484 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 15ml VAN DYKE BROWN 2 Login For Price
BLU15535 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 15ml IVORY BLACK 3 Login For Price
BLU15537 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 15ml CARBON BLACK 5 Login For Price
BLU15560 MaimeriBlu Watercolour 15ml NEUTRAL TINT 2 Login For Price
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