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EDID250OR Very intense colours. Made from 100% edible food dye-stuff, so they are absolutely safe. Their colour strength makes them very economical - use sparingly. Should be used in conjunction with potato starch to produce an economical brush or finger paint suitable for playgroups, pre-school and infants school. Non-Toxic NLA
PTMW12 *MICADOR WATERCOLOUR PAINT TUBE SET 12x12ml. Includes colours titanium white, black, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, vermilion, crimson red, prussian blue, sap green, deep green, burnt sienna, burnt umber and violet. NLA
SHIW37HGL *SHIVA W/COLOR 37ml Hookers Green. A full 37ml (1.25oz) of highly concentrated colour in classic color formulations, Shiva Artist's Watercolors are created following the same processes as the big name" watercolors. The raw materials are finely ground and carefully dispersed in the highest-quality natural gum. They have a uniform creamy consistency straight from the tube and respond instantaneously to the touch of a wet brush. All colour formulations carry either a lightfastness rating of 1 (excellent) or 2 (very good). These watercolors also conform to ASTM D-5067." 4 Login For Price
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