Derivan Acrylic Mediums

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DERM135DF DERM135DF DERIVAN SCREEN DRAWING FLUID 135ml. Derivan screen drawing fluid is applied with a brush or directly from the bottle onto the screen mesh to create the image to be printed. Once dry, Derivan screen blockout medium is applied to the non-print arears of the screen. After the blockout has dried compltetely the drawing fluid is washed out to reveal the print image . 1 Login For Price
DERM250PG DERM250PG DERIVAN SCREEN PRINTING GEL MEDIUM 250ml. Derivan Printing Gel is used in conjunction with Derivan student and artist grade acrylic colours for silk screen printing onto papers and boards to keep the colours from drying and clogging the screen mesh. By using this medium, many prints can be created at one time without having to clean the mesh between every print. Printing Gel is also used to reduce colour strength when transparent colours are required for printing. Mix the Printing Gel into the colour until desired transparency is reached - it is also an excellent craft glue for paper. 1 Login For Price
DERM250SB DERM250SB DERIVAN SCREEN PRINTING MESH BLOCKOUT 250ml. Derivan screen printing blockout is used in the Derivan water-based screen printing stencil system after applying a design to the screen mesh with Derivan drawing fluid. Use Derivan screen mesh cleaner to remove blockout to reclaim the screen after completion of printing. NB.Note the longer you leave the block out on the screen (more than five days) the harder it becomes to remove 1 Login For Price
DERM250SC DERM250SC DERIVAN SCREEN MESH CLEANER 250ml. This screen mesh cleaner is used to remove dried Derivan screen mesh blockout. Apply to the cleaner to the blocked-out areas of the screen with a wet sponge and covering both sides of the screen and let soak for 3 to 5 minutes. After soaking use an old toothbrush in a circular motion to remove the blockout from the mesh. Turn over the screen and repeat the process until the blockout has been removed. The use of protecive gloves is recommneded while using Derivan screen mesh cleaner. NB.Note the longer you leave the block out on the screen (more than five days) the harder it becomes to remove. 1 Login For Price
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