Brayers & Rollers - Professional

Essdee Professional Ink Roller: With a hand-ground surface of over 122mm, these perfectly smooth heavy-weight rollers hold a greater quantity of ink than standard rollers, allowing for greater coverage and providing perfect results every time. A hand-ground concentric EPDM rubber surface is a medium-hard 60 shore and gives excellent pic-up and deposit of all types of ink. This tool is the primary choice for the artisan printmaker with good recovery to indentation and resistance to common printing chemicals. Perfect for printmaking, wood engraving and woodcut. Features an easy-to-clean polypropylene handle, built in rest, rigid frame and self-lubricating Nylon bearings.

Speedball Brayers: These soft rubber brayers are ideal for printmaking, scrapbooking, stamping, papercrafting etc. The soft, natural gum roller with precision ground finish picks up more ink than harder brayers and assures even ink distribution. The heavy-duty steel frame eliminates warping.

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