Plates - Monotype

These monotype/drypoint plates are manufactured using PETG, a more durable but softer compound than polycarbonate. They are ideal for monotype, drypoint and inversion printing. NB. If textured materials are place on the surface when going through the press a slight impression will be embedded into the plastic making it no longer suitable for monotype printing.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
AKA12163 AKUA PRINTMAKING PLATE 305 x 406mm (12 x 16") Pack 3 9 Login For Price
AKA5724 AKUA MONOTYPE/DRYPOINT PLATE 127 x 178mm (5 x 7") Pack 24 4 Login For Price
AKA6824 AKUA MONOTYPE/DRYPOINT PLATE 152 x 203mm (6 x 8") Pack 24 2 Login For Price
AKA683 AKUA MONOTYPE/DRYPOINT PLATE152 x 203mm (6 x 8") Pack 3 1 Login For Price
AKA81224 AKUA MONOTYPE/DRYPOINT PLATE 203 x 304mm (8x12") Pack 24 3 Login For Price
AKA8123 AKUA MONOTYPE/DRYPOINT PLATE 203 x 304mm (8x12") Pack 3 8 Login For Price
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