Dance Text Books

Text books for Dance Students and Teachers. These books cover aspects of dance including choreography, performance, appreciation of dance, safe dance practice, anatomy, production and techniques and performance. 

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BKDCMI BKDCMI TEXT BOOK - DANCE COUNT ME IN. Written and mapped to the Australian Curriculum: The Arts, this book features all new content and full colour design. Includes chapters on warming up, elements of dance, choreographic devices, ritual dance, community dance, postmodern dance, dance on screen, dance in musical theatre and more. All new activities have been written with clear links to other learning areas as pre the Cross-Curriculum Priorities. 1 Login For Price
BKDSS BKDSS TEXT BOOK - DANCE FOR SENIOR STUDENTS. Recently updated to include a range of contemporary dance works, companies and choreographers. Includes 4 brand new chapters - safe dance practice, anatomy, production and techniques and performance with new end-of-chapter revision activities. There are new activities throughout the whole book that integrate a range of choreography tasks, as well as contemporary technology and multimedia such as videos, songs, recording software and choreographic software. 1 Login For Price
BKEGD BKEGD TEXT BOOK - ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO DANCE. This bestselling text is in full colour, highly illustrated and is packed with tasks and activities. It provides clear explanations of choreography, performance and appreciation of dance with an emphasis on the practical aspects of dance and its interactive features to encourage effective learning. Includes video and photo analysis, short revision tests and professional examples. 0 Login For Price
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