Photo Diaries

The Black and White Photo Diaries features alternate sheets each of blank white 110gsm cartridge paper for illustrations and text plus 140gsm black mounting cartridge paper for photos etc. Double spiral wire binding together with a printable black polypropylene cover and heavy boxboard back cover.
The black paper photo diaries are single spiral wire bound and feature a durable black PVC cover and a heavyweight boxboard base filled with 45 sheets (90 pages) of black 110gsm or 125gsm acid-free paper.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
PVD6011BW BE CREATIVE BLACK & WHITE PHOTO DIARY 11x14" 60 sheets 703 Login For Price
PVD60A4BW BE CREATIVE BLACK & WHITE PHOTO DIARY A4 60 sheets 465 Login For Price
SVD4511BK BLACK PAPER PHOTO DIARY 125gsm 11x14" 45 sheets. 19 Login For Price
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