Fabriano Black/Black

Fabriano Black/Black heavyweight card is a natural, environmentally friendly (ECF cellulose pulp), high elasticity paperboard internally coloured with lightfast pigments. It is ideal for pastels, colouring pencils markers etc. and being easy to cut, this heavy weight card is ideal for mounting artwork and modelling applications.
Available in 300, 370, 460 and 640gsm weights.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
F19100385 F19100385 *FABRIANO BLACK/BLACK CARD 300gsm 50x70cm Pack 10. 0 Login For Price
F19100386 F19100386 *FABRIANO BLACK/BLACK CARD 370gsm 50x70cm Pack 10. 19 Login For Price
F19100388 F19100388 *FABRIANO BLACK/BLACK CARD 680gsm 50x70cm Pack 10. 8 Login For Price
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