Mountboard - White Core

These professional quality mounting boards are ideal for the mounting and framing of artwork, prints, photo's etc. The core consists of chemically purified cellulose fibres free from groundwood and is alkaline sized and contains alkaline fillers to minimise the effects of atmospheric pollutants. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
302128043 *WHITE CORE MOUNTBOARD RUSSIAN GREEN 815 x 1200mm (32 x 47") 1400 microns thick. 3 Login For Price
302128049 *WHITE CORE MOUNTBOARD SEAL BROWN 815 x 1200mm (32 x 47") 1400 microns thick. 0 Login For Price
302128050 *WHITE CORE MOUNTBOARD SEPIA 815 x 1200mm (32 x 47") 1400 microns thick. 9 Login For Price
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