Fredrix Painting Boards

Fredrix Painting Boards are an eco-friendly painting surface.  They are boards manufactured using Naturecore – a combination of vegetable and recycled components – and stretched over with either 100% Belgian Linen or 100% Fredrix Artist Cotton Canvas.

These lightweight boards are durable, easy to transport and ideal for plein air painting. They are pre-primed with acid-free titanium gesso so you can begin painting immediately.  The Belgian Linen painting boards are ideal for use with acrylics, oils, alkyd and tempera paints. The 100% Canvas boards are a true mixed-media painting board. They work well with watercolour, oil, acrylic tempera, gouache and other aqueous based media such as ink and having a rigid surfaced solid 20mm (3/4”) core, they will accept pins, nails, screws and anything else the artist can affix to create a 3 dimensional mixed media collage. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
FDX70001 FDX70001 FREDRIX LINEN PAINTING BOARD 8x10inch 101 Login For Price
FDX70002 FDX70002 FREDRIX LINEN PAINTING BOARD 11x14inch 4 Login For Price
FDX70003 FDX70003 Login For Price
FDX70004 FDX70004 FREDRIX LINEN PAINTING BOARD 18x24inch 3 Login For Price
FDX70005 FDX70005 FREDRIX MIXED MEDIA PAINTING BOARD 8x10inch 66 Login For Price
FDX70006 FDX70006 FREDRIX MIXED MEDIA PAINTING BOARD 11x14inch 11 Login For Price
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