Bristol Paper & Board

Acid-free with an ultra-smooth surface. Bristol is ideal for ink, solvent-based markers, felt-tip pens, watercolour, gouache, airbrush, pencil and charcoal. The smooth surface is resistant to repeated erasure and scraping.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CF0033016 CF0033016 CLAIREFONTAINE BRISTOL PAPER 205gsm 50 x 65cm Pack 125 sheets 5 Login For Price
CF0033021 CF0033021 CLAIREFONTAINE WHITE BRISTOL BOARD 924gsm 50x65cm Pack of 25 0 Login For Price
CF0093320 CF0093320 CLAIREFONTAINE BRISTOL PAPER 205gsm 50 x 65cm Pack 25 sheets. 10 Login For Price
CF0975167 CF0975167 CLAIREFONTAINE GRID BRISTOL PAPER 205gsm A4 Pack 20 sheets. Features a 5 x 5mm grid pattern 2 Login For Price
CR36695 CR36695 ARTO BRISTOL CARD/PAPER 300gsm A1 Pack 5 sheets 0 Login For Price
CR36696 CR36696 ARTO BRISTOL CARD/PAPER 300gsm A2 Pack 5 sheets 6 Login For Price
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