Calligraphy Pads

The Brause Calligraphy Practice Pad and Practice Cards provide an easy introduction to calligraphy alphabets. The pads are wire bound along the top edge and contains 50 sheets of 85gsm lined paper plus 3 guide sheets with different slanted grids.  The large 25 x 35cm practice cards are printed with 9 calligraphy styles such as Caroline, Onciale, Gothic and Chancellor. Simply place the tracing paper over the card and copy.

The 100% alpha-pure cellulose paper featured in the Clairefontaine Calligraphy pads has a beautiful warm and bright ivory shade. The fine and smooth surface makes it perfectly adapted for calligraphy. It is highly recommended for nibs, reed pens and brushes. It is also adapted for fine detail printing. The internal and external sizing catches ink and details well. Also suitable for techniques such rotogravure, silk screen and monotype printing. 

The PAScribe calligraphy pad has been specially designed by world renowned Calligrapher Paul Antonio to help make the learning of calligraphy easier and more accessible to all. The white 90gsm, acid-free paper features a very subtle grain with light porosity allowing the ink to dry quickly. There is 550 diagonal and 6mm horizontal grey lined rulings on both sides of the paper to assist in letterform construction. Line thickness is 0.1 point. Maya Turquoise Blue cover and each of the 60 sheets is micro-perforated.

The Bienfang Calligraphy practice pad features 74gsm of acid free paper with a smooth surface texture. The lined paper provides guide to practice perfect calligraphy.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
BR000194 BR000194 Login For Price
BR000197 BR000197 Login For Price
BR096440 BR096440 Login For Price
BR096450 BR096450 Login For Price
CF0096439 CF0096439 CLAIREFONTAINE IVORY CALLIGRAPHY PAD 130gsm 24x30cm Pad 25 Sheets. 10 Login For Price
CF0096440 CF0096440 CLAIREFONTAINE IVORY CALLIGRAPHY PAD 130gsm 30x40cm Pad 25 Sheets. 15 Login For Price
CF0096607 CF0096607 CLAIREFONTAINE PASCRIBE WHITE CALLIGRAPHY PAD A4. 60 sheets. This pad has been specially designed by Paul Antonio to help make the learning of calligraphy easier and more accessible to all. 51 Login For Price
SP400145 SP400145 BIENFANG CALLIGRAPHY PAD 74gsm 9x12inch Pad 50 13 Login For Price
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