Marker Pads

These pads contain translucent, natural white bleedproof paper designed to work with all pen and ink, technical pens and markers. No bleed through, non-wicking, no feathering, excellent see through and acid free. The smooth surface has been coated to give streak-free coverage. Suitable for animation and all fashion and industrial work.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CR36234 CR36234 ARTO BLEEDPROOF MARKER PAD A3 75gsm 25 sheets 14 Login For Price
CR36235 CR36235 ARTO BLEEDPROOF MARKER PAD A4 75gsm 25 sheets 116 Login For Price
ST2850001 ST2850001 SHINHAN TOUCH MARKER PAD 75gsm A3 20 sheets. 10 Login For Price
ST2850002 ST2850002 SHINHAN TOUCH MARKER PAD 75gsm A4 20 sheets. 5 Login For Price
ST2850005 ST2850005 SHINHAN TOUCH MARKER PAD 75gsm A5 20 sheets. 29 Login For Price
ST2851001 ST2851001 SHINHAN TOUCH MARKER PAD 260gsm A3 10 sheets. 7 Login For Price
ST2851002 ST2851002 SHINHAN TOUCH MARKER PAD 260gsm A4 10 sheets. 2 Login For Price
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