Salland Printmaking Paper

A natural white, 300gsm, fine-grained paper consisting of 50% rag and 50% cellulose. Its excellent absorption and thickness produce professional results for all printing and etching techniques. Also suitable for intaglio, offset, screen printing and lithography and is well adapted for drawing and watercolour use. This exceptional paper is guaranteed archival - it is acid-free, pH neutral, free from optical brighteners and an alkaline reserve that resists aging and yellowing. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CF0975840 CF0975840 SALLAND PRINTMAKING PAPER 300gsm 56x76cm Pack10. 50% cotton rag and 50% cellulose fibre. 5 Login For Price
CF0975842 CF0975842 SALLAND PRINTMAKING PAPER 300gsm 70x112cm Pack10. 50% cotton rag and 50% cellulose fibre. 2 Login For Price
CF0975843 CF0975843 SALLAND PRINTMAKING PAPER 300gsm 1.3x10m ROLL 50% cotton rag and 50% cellulose fibre. 3 Login For Price
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