Art Folders

Sturdy, solid folders for the protection and transport of artworks.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CF0044000 CF0044000 CLAIREFONTAINE BROWN KRAFT FOLDER 26x33cm (A4+). Kraft coloured folders for the protection, archiving and transport of artworks. They lined with acid free paper and feature reinforced corners for further protection. 16 Login For Price
CF0044100 CF0044100 CLAIREFONTAINE BROWN KRAFT FOLDER 32x45cm (A3+). 26 Login For Price
CF0044400 CF0044400 CLAIREFONTAINE BROWN KRAFT FOLDER 52x72cm (A2+). 11 Login For Price
CF0044600 CF0044600 CLAIREFONTAINE BROWN KRAFT FOLDER 67x94cm (A1+). 15 Login For Price
CF0044614 CF0044614 CLAIREFONTAINE GREY BOARD FOLDER 32x45cm (A3+). These uncoated grey cardboard/boxboard folders are the most economical artwork folders available. They feature reinforced corners with elastic corner closures and are internally lined with acid free paper to further protect artworks. 14 Login For Price
CF0044620 CF0044620 CLAIREFONTAINE GREY BOARD FOLDER 52x72cm (A2+). 10 Login For Price
CF0090130 CF0090130 CLAIREFONTAINE 59x75cm (A2) ART FOLDER BAG. Durable, black polyamide bag designed to carry and protect art folders. Zip closure and wide straps for easy carrying. Front pocket will hold a small sketchbook. 26 Login For Price
CF0090171 CF0090171 CLAIREFONTAINE 40x550cm (A3) ART FOLDER BAG. 44 Login For Price
CF0144701 CF0144701 CLAIREFONTAINE ART FOLDER 37x52cm (A3+) RANDOM. 10 Login For Price
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