Stretcher Strips, Braces & Brackets

Tongue and groove design stretcher strips manufactured from clear, kiln-dried American Ponderosa pine. They are light- weight and easy to assemble. Do not store in humid areas and avoid extreme changes in temperature for protection against excessive warping of strips. The acceptable tolerance of warping is 1.6mm" per running foot. Stretchers are peggable and adjustable using standard wedges/pegs.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
HDSS6172 HDSS6172 *FREDRIX HEAVY DUTY STRETCHER STRIP 72inch(1828mm). Extra wide and deep! The new design features a 1/2' tapered lip for maximum canvas clearance between canvas and stretcher. Tongue and groove design and manufactured from kiln dried timber. Stretchers are peggable and adjustable using heavy duty wedges/pegs. 2 Login For Price
STRCB24 STRCB24 ^FREDRIX STRETCHER CROSS BRACE 24 (610mm). Always use with canvases having one dimension 36 or longer. Pre-cut to suit inside dimension of stretcher strip. 51 Login For Price
STRCB48 STRCB48 ^FREDRIX STRETCHER CROSS BRACE 48 (1219mm). Always use with canvases having one dimension 36 or longer. Pre-cut to suit inside dimension of stretcher strip. 22 Login For Price
STRCBB STRCBB ^FREDRIX CROSS BRACE BRACKETS Pack 4. Heavy duty moulded plastic for use with canvases having both dimensions 36 (915mm) or longer. 38 Login For Price
STRS08 STRS08 FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 8 inch (203mm) + 2 WEDGES. 383 Login For Price
STRS10 STRS10 FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 10 inch (254mm) + 2 WEDGES. 94 Login For Price
STRS12 STRS12 FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 12 inch (305mm) + 2 WEDGES. 20 Login For Price
STRS14 STRS14 FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 14 inch (356mm) + 2 WEDGES. 0 Login For Price
STRS16 STRS16 FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 16 inch (406mm) + 2 WEDGES. 213 Login For Price
STRS18 STRS18 FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 18 inch (457mm) + 2 WEDGES. 103 Login For Price
STRS20 STRS20 FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 20 inch (508mm) + 2 WEDGES. 0 Login For Price
STRS22 STRS22 *FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 22 (558mm) + 2 WEDGES. 7 Login For Price
STRS24 STRS24 FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 24 inch (610mm) + 2 WEDGES. 608 Login For Price
STRS30 STRS30 FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 30Inch (762mm) + 2 WEDGES. 64 Login For Price
STRS36 STRS36 FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 36Inch (914mm) + 2 WEDGES. 81 Login For Price
STRS40 STRS40 FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 40Inch (1016mm) + 2 WEDGES 0 Login For Price
STRS42 STRS42 *FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 42Inch(1067mm) + 2 WEDGES. 17 Login For Price
STRS44 STRS44 *FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 44Inch (1118mm) + 2 WEDGES. 38 Login For Price
STRS48 STRS48 *FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 48Inch (1219mm) + 2 WEDGES. 22 Login For Price
STRS60 STRS60 *FREDRIX STRETCHER STRIP 60Inch (1524mm) + 2 WEDGES. 2 Login For Price
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