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Watercolour Paper - Fabriano Torchon

The Fabriano Watercolour Studio 300gsm 'Torchon' (extra rough) paper for watercolour presents a round grain that allows pictorial and other special effects to be obtained. It is manufactured from the same raw materials as the cold press studio paper and possesses all the same features with the bonus of an unique three dimensional surface.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CR37208 CR37208 FABRIANO TORCHON WATERCOLOUR BLOCK 300x400mm 20 sheets of 25% cotton content paper glued on all 4 sides 2 Login For Price
CR37410 CR37410 FABRIANO TORCHON WATERCOLOUR PAPER 270gsm 50x70cm Pack 5 sheets 5 Login For Price
F19100278 F19100278 *FABRIANO TORCHON WATERCOLOUR BLOCK 300gsm 30.5x51cm 20 sheets . 6 Login For Price
F27007656 F27007656 *FABRIANO TORCHON WATERCOLOUR PAPER 300gsm 56x76cm Pack 10. 14 Login For Price
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