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ARTP001AN ART PACK - AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS A3 SET 12. The way Australian artists have portrayed animals has changed with history and individual interpretation. This pack contains 12 A3 fine artworks of Australian artists taken from major galleries around Australia and the Natural History Museum in London. They show the development of artworks in Australia from 1788 up to the 21st century. Each work is a unique image, yet each is tied in to the history of Australia and its development. 1 Login For Price
ARTP001ST ART PACK - AUSTRALIAN STILL LIFE A3 SET 12. Twelve A3 'Still Life' prints with formatted study, discussion and appreciation notes on the reverse of each print. 2 Login For Price
ARTP001VI ART PACK - AUSTRALIAN VIEWPOINTS A3 SET 12. This pack examines various Artists' interpretations of Australia throughout the last 200 years. Artists' studied include Mickey of Ulladulla, Sali Herman, Jeffery Smart and Judy Napangardi Watson. 1 Login For Price
ARTP001WA ART PACK - AUSTRALIAN WATER A3 SET 12. This pack contains 12 A3 art works by well-known Australian artists selected from galleries around the country. Artists studied include John Percival, John Olsen, Margaret Preston and Ken Done. These works show the changing perception we have of one of our most precious resources - water - through the eyes of Australian artists from 1788- 21st Century. Teachers' notes on the reverse side of each print includes information on the artist and work, the historical reference in the development of art in Australia and ideas for activities for students to explore. Suitable for primary and secondary students. 1 Login For Price
ARTP005AP ART PACK - THE ANGRY PENGUINS A3 SET 12. Angry Penguins was a journal like no other in Australia during the 1930's and 40's. Its' notable achievement was to drwa attention to the new presence of Modernism in Australian painting. The passionate artists' involved in this movement included Alber Tucker, Joy Hester, Sidney Nolan, John Perceval, Arthur Boyd and danila Vassileff. This group becam known as the 'Angry Penguins' and the works they created changed art in Australia forever. This set of 12 A3 images provides detailed notes on each image for discussion, research and activities for students to undertake to assist them in understanding the significance of the development of Modernism in Australia. 1 Login For Price
ARTPR120 EMOTIONS-ART&LANGUAGE CHART PACK A3 Pk10. A valuable tool designed to assist in the development of emotional literacy: understanding oneself and others. Each of the 10 charts focuses on an emotion which is shown on a child's face: surprised, sad, happy, frustrated, love, proud, disgust, excited, afraid and angry. The emotion is then explored through language (synonyms & antonyms), how it may be depicted in the environment and expressed though art (colour, line and a child's artwork). The eleventh chart, the overview, includes five additional emotions: worried, shame, bored, confused and pensive. 2 Login For Price
PR050HU ART PACK - HUMAN BODY X-RAY KIT. A great kit linking art and science. This kit contains 7 X-Rays of the human body in various poses and activities. It contains x-rays of the hands & feet, head & shoulders, a person roller skating, sitting at a computer, a hip replacement and a person smoking. Each x-ray is complemented by an artistic activity and scientific information to engage students in their learning and they can be used as stepping stones for further research and artistic exploration. 0 Login For Price
PR101 ELEMENTS & PRINCIPLES OF ART. This pack contains 13 A2 cards exploring the Elements and Principles of Art. The Art Elements are the building blocks used to make artworks. They are colour/value, line, space, form, texture and shape. The Art Principles are the ways in which the Art Elements are used and combined in a work of art for the personal expression of ideas. They are contrast, repetition/pattern, emphasis, balance, movement and unity. 2 Login For Price
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