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BOOAIN ART INSIGHT BOOK - LOU CHAMBERLIN. Suitable for Years 9 & 10 Art InSight contains a balance of Australian and overseas artists. Detailed historical discussions on styles and epochs. An emphasis on creative studio activities for students. An abundance of colour images, from prehistory to the 20th century. 1 Login For Price
BOODNT DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY:PRELIMINARY & HSC. Design and Technology: Preliminary and HSC is a complete revision of Noel Glover s highly successful Design and Technology for Senior Students. This new text provides full coverage of the Design and Technology Stage 6 syllabus with activities and weblinks for further research at the end of each chapter. The included CD-ROM features video interviews with design professionals and more than 20 templates for students to use when preparing the folio that accompanies the major design project. 1 Login For Price
BOOFCTC FROM CAVES TO CANVAS. Updated to include key material on architecture and sculpture. An introductory text focusing on Western art. Explores art from prehistoric times to the present day. Artists and their works are examined within their historical, religious, social and cultural contexts, equipping students with the information required to analyse and appreciate art through the ages. Information on specific techniques used by artists is included to inspire students to explore various ideas in their own practical work. 1 Login For Price
BOOIOOI IN OUR OWN IMAGE. For Years 9 - 12. Outlines the development of Australian painting, sculpture and architecture from Aboriginal art (traditional and contemporary) then Australian art to the present day. 1 Login For Price
BOOMAC MAKING ART CONNECTIONS. Making Art Connections is a Visual Arts text that provides a fresh and innovative approach to NSW Stage 4 Visual Arts. The book is designed to engage junior Visual Arts students through their own artmaking experiences, while assisting them in understanding the languages and concepts of the syllabus. 2 Login For Price
BOOSDAW STUDIO: DESIGN AT WORK. Written for the new NSW Stage 5 Visual Design Syllabus, this exquisite text presents over 20 profiles of a variety of Australian and International designers, exploring their work through the Conceptual framework, Practice and the Frames. Studio will engage and inspire any student of Visual Design. Read what the designer of the iPod has to say about the design process, learn how Dinosaur Designs got started and discover how the Weta Workshop created the characters of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 1 Login For Price
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