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SP10191 POLYMER CLAY ARTIST GUIDE - Various Artists. Discover polymer clay s unlimited creative potential in this fascinating directory of techniques by renowned clay artist Marie Segal. Suitable for anyone eager to get into poly-clay craft for the first time, as well as for those wanting to expand and extend their creative horizons, this book uses clear step-by-step photography to show how to achieve beautiful colours, textures, and finishes for really professional results. The neat organisation makes this book stand out from the crowd and ensures the content is easy to access. For purposes of comparison, the dozens of techniques are demonstrated on same-size tiles to make it easier truly to see the surface effect. Beautiful finished pieces curated by the author, and selected from a range of artists, are chosen to showcase how techniques can be applied to a range of subjects.Features more than 350 step-by-step illustrations and photographs to guide poly-clay artists.References for surface treatments of all kinds as well as a broad range of techniques including adding substances to clay, faux enamelling, embossing, bas relief, and carving through layers.The clear step-by-step photography and examples of beautifully finished pieces curated by the authors makes this book accessible to anyone eager to try the poly-clay craft for the first time, as well as those more experienced who wish to expand their creative horizons 1 Login For Price
SP11839 ROCK ART - Denise Scicluna. Denise Scicluna shows techniques for painting eccentric art on rocks! You can create Scottish terriers, goldfish, monsters, houses, hearts, happy faces, geometrics, abstracts, horses, bugs, beetles, plaids, daisies, apples, bananas, moons, ferns, fairies, mushrooms, stripes, stars, Autumn leaves, undersea creatures, feathers, cats, cacti, skyscrapers, sad faces, starships, alphabet letters, ladybirds, mandalas, hot-air balloons, birds, bees, butterflies, pumpkins, poodles, peapods, shoes, ships...the list goes on!Get creative and use your rock painting art in a variety of crafty projects.- wonderful rock art designs from artist Denise Scicluna- a variety of inspirational painting ideas for the absolute beginner- plenty of crafty tips, techniques and advice 0 Login For Price
SP15493 MANDALA STONES DESIGNS to PAINT - N. ALEXANDER. Discover the meditative power of the mandala. In this book there is a collection of 50 unique designs, including mesmerising geometric patterns, calming nature-inspired motifs and spiritual symbols.Each colourful mandala is created by painting dots onto a stone or pebble a simple yet soothingly effective process. With no specialist tools or skills required, you can immerse yourself in the process of creating these intricate designs. The stresses of modern life can be left behind, and meaningful, tactile pieces of art can be created to present as a perfect gift, to decorate the home, or to keep as a personal talisman.With clear and easy-to-follow instructions and beautiful photography, you will soon be gently crafting your way to a calmer, more creative self. 2 Login For Price
SP15851 BOOK- CONCRETE CREATIONS-Moras & Dawidowski. It is fascinating to see how something as ordinary as concrete can be made into so many unexpected things that are attractive, modern and useful.Over 45 elegant concrete designs for your beautiful, modern home. Concrete is in. And no wonder: its inexpensive, durable, and makes unique, stunning pieces with which to decorate your home. With just a bag of ready-mixed concrete, water and a few utensils and moulds you can find around the house, you can create beautiful, minimalist items in no time at all; from clocks, vases, lampshades and bowls through to jewellery, wine coolers and desk organisers.Each project is equipped with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and tips, and all can be made with very little know-how making it a perfect craft for beginner concrete artisans, as well as the more experienced mason.A perfect mix of power, presence and practicality, bring concrete into your home today and discover a new-found love for this often overlooked but remarkable building material. By Ingrid Moras & Marion Dawidowski 1 Login For Price
SP16469 Encyclopedia of POTTERY TECHNIQUES. Inside discover all the major pottery techniques used the world over, from time-honoured traditional methods to exciting new developments. These include coiling, combing, resist decoration, sgraffito, slabbing and texturing clay. Once you've learnt these essential techniques, put your new skills into practice with a wealth of inspirational examples, ranging from bowls, vases and cups, to plaques, spheres and sculpture.In addition, advice on materials and equipment is provided to help you on your crafting journey, including kilns, glazes, moulds and more. Finally, a gallery of stunning images is featured throughout the book, demonstrating an array of beautiful designs by established potters and ceramicists that will inspire both beginner and experienced potters. 1 Login For Price
SP16629 PEBBLE PETS - Denise Scicluna. Over 50 adorable animal rock art designs for the ultimate stress-free family menagerie. From Denise Scicluna comes this guide to creating cute and characterful animal rock art projects in a variety of styles.Getting started in rock art couldnt be simpler. It doesn t require expensive materials or complicated techniques all you need is a rock, some paint or marker pens and your imagination! It is great for beginner and more seasoned artists alike, and is the perfect family craft.Discover more than 50 adorable rock art ideas for animals in a variety of styles. Projects include woodland creatures such as foxes and squirrels, zoo favourites like pandas and tigers, birds, bees, butterflies, bugs, and a whole host of other animals for you to recreate.With clear step-by-step instructions accompanying each design, lots of variations, and bags of inspiration, Pebble Pets will soon have you on your way to creating your own rock art menagerie. 0 Login For Price
SP18098 FROM CLAY TO KILN - STUART CAREY. A comprehensive and beautiful guide to all aspects of ceramics from a true expert.From Clay to Kiln is a must-have guide for anyone working with ceramics, from absolute beginners, weekend crafters and students, through to practising ceramicists. In this book, Stuart Carey invigorates and encourages you through all stages of the pottery process. Covering all the information you need about tools and materials, he takes you through preparation and hand building, throwing and finishing your vessel, to glazing and firing.You will gain an in-depth knowledge of how clay works and how to apply your skills to the wheel and beyond. With simple step-by-step tutorials, clear visuals and Stuart's helpful hints and tips, you can jump straight in with confidence and create a piece of pottery that marries beauty, form and function. Including stunningly beautiful photography throughout, this is a book to inspire. 0 Login For Price
SP87936 THE BUMPER BOOK OF CRAFTY ACTIVITIES. Bursting with clear step-by-step photographs and easy-to-follow instructions, this bumper volume will show you how to create over 100 exciting and original projects suitable for 8-12 year olds.Learn crafty activities such as printing, creative lettering, mosaics, papier m ch , origami, cardmaking, collage, clay modelling, beadwork, decorative painting, papermaking and paperfolding in this bright and fun-filled book. Each new section has an introduction on the history of the craft and the techniques needed, and there are further ideas and developments to inspire children and adults to get even more creative. All necessary patterns and templates are included, and the simple instructions will get you crafting in no time at all, the only limit is your imagination. 1 Login For Price
SPDL01 DESIGN LIBRARY - ART NOUVEAU DESIGNS P. BROWN. One of the first titles in the Design Library series, this book is packed with inspiration for all your projects, whether they be cards, quilts, stitched designs, collages, mixed media or ceramic pieces, pictures, panels or paintings. Penny Brown presents 100 original beautifully flowing and sensuous Art Nouveau designs which can be combined with other images, or enlarged and used as the main theme for a special piece of work. Figures, flowers, plants, birds and other stylised images adorn the pages offering many ideas and there are gorgeous frames, borders, patterns and ideas in abundance. If you thinking of new projects and you need a starting point, look no further. This wonderful source book will fire your imagination and give you all the help you need to create stunning, original works of art. All the designs, which have been specially adapted for artists and craftspeople of all kinds, are included in high-resolution Jpeg format on a free CD. 2 Login For Price
SPDL04 DESIGN LIBRARY - FLOWER DESIGNS - JUDY BALCHIN. With 100 expertly drawn original black & white line drawings, this book is brimming over with ideas for all crafters and artists. Beautiful motifs, bouquets, single flowers, borders and frames adorn the pages, all designed to help create beautiful, innovative works of art such as quilts, stitched pieces, collages, journals, cards, pictures or paintings. From roses and orchids to daisies and delphiniums, there is much here for anyone wanting to develop their own projects. The designs can be mixed and matched, adapted, scanned, enlarged, reduced, or used same size. Whether you are seeking inspiration for a new piece of work, researching an idea, or looking for different ways to approach a project, this book is a rich source of imagery, with beautiful illustrations on every page. 2 Login For Price
SPDL05 DESIGN LIBRARY - ART DECO DESIGNS - POLLY PINDER. 100 decorative, stylised designs inspired by the beautiful linear patterns and images of the Art Deco movement. The book is divided into six sections: scenic, floral, figures, animals, abstract and patterns, and the inclusion of a CD means that designs can be easily scanned, enlarged, reduced, or used same size, adapted, or mixed and matched with other illustrations to create original projects and artworks. This new and exciting style permeated all areas of life in the 1930s, like no other artistic movement before or since then. encompassing architecture, fashion, furniture, textiles, jewellery, art, graphic design and illustration. Even the most basic utilitarian objects were influenced by the linear style. The angular forms that were developed by Art Deco craftsmen and artists were streamlined and simplified in original and wonderful ways. The illustrations in this book offer many ideas and images for translation into stitch, colour and form - for anyone researching an idea, or looking for different ways to approach a project. 2 Login For Price
SPDL06 DESIGN LIBRARY - ART NOUVEAU FLOWER DESIGNS. A beautiful, original collection of 100 Art Nouveau flowers specially commissioned for all artists and crafters to use in their own projects. The graceful, flowing lines of these floral designs offer inspiration for many different interpretations, whether in stitch, mixed media, paint, cardmaking, collage or whatever you are working on. Exquisite roses, poppies, lilies, sunflowers, daffodils and many more wild, exotic and garden flowers are perfectly formed in stunning stylised designs as borders, patterns, symmetrical and single pictures, and smaller motifs. A CD accompanies the book, so designs can be combined with other images, reduced, or enlarged to be used as a main theme for a special piece of work. If you are thinking of new projects and do not know where to start, look no further. This source book is packed with inspiration and ideas and will give you all the help you need to create unique works of art. Author Polly Pinder. 2 Login For Price
SPDL08 DESIGN LIBRARY - ABORIGINAL DESIGNS POLLY PINDER. Australian Aboriginal art has existed for millennia and some of the extraordinary rock paintings are believed to be over 40,000 years old. Colours were traditionally made from a collection of earth-based pigments, and patterned and figurative images were also painted on bark, boomerangs, shields, spears, masks, vessels and didgeridoos. Body art, from the simple smearing of clay on to the skin to detailed geometric paintings, was applied with a flat stick with soft padding at the end. These designs always conformed to respected patterns and were related to spiritual matters, ancestors, animals or tracts of land, as they still are today. With 100 specially commissioned original images, this design source book contains a wonderful selection of new illustrations inspired by the traditional art and crafts of the Aboriginal people. Illustrations can be combined with other images, or enlarged and used as the main theme for special projects, whether they are stitched designs, cards, journals, collages, mixed media or ceramic pieces, pictures, panels or paintings. These pages offer many ideas so if you thinking of new projects and you need a starting point, look no further. This wonderful source book will fire your imagination and give you all the help you need to create stunning, original works of art. Author Polly Pinder 0 Login For Price
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