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BOOAC *BOOK - ADVENTURES IN CELLUCLAY. Contains 30 illustrated step-by-step projects plus a complete guideand reference for mixing, modelling and sculpting Celluclay 14 Login For Price
BOOBGDP *BOOK - GUIDE TO DECORATIVE PAINTING / DELTA. A fantastic user's guide to decorative painting. It also features a Delta Ceramcoat colour card showing 229 colours, plus chapters on introduction to decorative painting, choosing projects, making colour work for you, getting down to basics, painting on wood, tin and other hard surfaces, stencilling, fabric painting, porcelain bisque plaster & resin and a glossary of decorative painting terms and tools. 50 Login For Price
BOOLBS01 *LITTLE (COLOURING) BOOK OF SATI by Jess Stocker. Stemming from the ancient language Pali, Sati (sah-thi) is usually defined in simple terms as mindfulness. Dig a little deeper and sati is conscious awareness, remembering to always be present in the moment and having a strong perception of the world around you. It is to be cognizant of your physical self, as well as the thoughts and emotions running through your mind. Colouring in fits this state perfectly. It allows you to relax your consciousness into a peaceful state of being, leaving the stresses of everyday life behind for a while. 26 Login For Price
BOOSMBF *BOOK-THE FUN ART OF STENCILING BLOOMIN FUN /DELTA. The first in the Fine Art of Stencilling Series. Features 14 projects with floral and garden themes for home decor and wearables. A must! 54 Login For Price
BOOSMGC *BOOK-FUN ART OF STENCILING GOTCHA COVERED/DELTA. The second in the Fine Art of Stencilling Series. Includes designs such as The Cow Goes Classic, Lots a Fish, Strokes for Everyone, Apples & Ivy, Lilacs and Bows, Stars, Stripes & History. 9 Login For Price
BOOSMMM *BOOK-THE FUN ART OF STENCILING MAN TO MAN / DELTA. The third in the Fine Art of Stencilling Series. Includes favourite men's" designs such as Toys for Little Boys Seaside Escape Time to Play Ball Gone Fishin' The Fish are Bitin' and Always a Cowboy." 17 Login For Price
BOOTCC *THIS IS CASTY CRAFT. Guide to mould making with Instamold, casting with Permastone, wax, plaster, resin etc. Shows how to duplicate a baby's hand, create candles, repair picture frames. 24 pages. 8 Login For Price
BOOTDS *BOOK-SOLUTIONS MANUAL TECHNICAL DRAWING. This book written by A.W. Boundy and I.L. Hass for students of technical drawing has been designed to give sound educational training in the more important fundamentals of technical drawing without any specific bias towards one particular vocation. The book is divided into 12 sections and each section has been given thorough coverage, with a large number of exercises for each section. Practice gained from solving exercises will make students better drafters and broaden their knowledge and technical drawing understanding.The solutions manual to Technical Drawing 3rd edition is included as a separate text. 1 Login For Price
BOOTSCC *BOOK - SOAPSTONE CARVING FOR CHILDREN. This book combines the history and procedures of soapstone carving with sample projects and working drawings to provide a resource of high-interest and enjoyment for students. The author is an experienced Canadian craft teacher whose objective was to provide children with step-by-step instructions for the carving of soapstone, together with visual clues for proper handling, in assisting students to experience the hands on pleasure of carving this tacticle medium. 18 Login For Price
CT10223 *BOOK - COLOR PLAY / JOEN WOLFROM. This book will help broaden your understanding of colour and stretch your imagination with creative colour play. The book looks in detail at 24 colours; their characteristics, and the combinations that make them look their optimum in quilt design. Examples of simple fabric arrangements help make colour concepts easy to understand and detailed explanations of colour scale - the variations of pure colour, tints, shades and tones - will improve your understanding of how colour affacets the mood of a quilt. The book contains over 70 colourful quilt designs and illustrates the author's technique for choosing colours. Full colour, 144 pages. 2 Login For Price
CT10802 ^BOOK - CREATE USING TRANSFER ARTIST PAPER. Learn everything you need to know about how to use Transfer Art Paper (TAP) - for quilt-making, fibre arts, mixed-media, and papercraft projects. This book contains 15 different projects, including treasure boxes, collages, dolls, quilts, and jewellery. The author is one of the inventors of TAP and is an unparalleled expert on how to use it for maximum creative effect. Create unique fabric images from photographs that stay vibrant and colourfast, even after washing. Use special photo transfer methods to quickly create your own masterpieces, using just your inkjet printer and basic art supplies. 1 Login For Price
CT10826 *BOOK - MIXED MEDIA MASTERCLASS / S KAHN. Create mixed-media masterpieces as the author covers more than 50 techniques to create luminous textures and surfaces on both paper and fabric using easy-to-find supplies. Features a Step-by-step visual guide shows you exactly how to get great results while teaching you inventive and exciting new ways to use paints, inks, resists, stamps, markers and more. Some of the techniques in Mixed-Media Master Class" include using resists such as petroleum jelly using textures stencilling making rubbings making and using handmade stamps silk screening how to use Lutradur Transfer Artist Paper (TAP) and computer-printed images. Full colour 144 pages." 0 Login For Price
CT10890 *BOOK-INSPIRED TO DESIGN / ELIZABETH BARTON. This inspiring guide shows the 7 steps to designing successful art quilts. The author shows you how to master every step, from finding sources of inspiration to creating a design and ultimately, constructing the final quilt. Over 20 hands-on exercises guide you step-by-step through the design process and before you know it, you'll be designing quilts that are works of art. The book includes in-depth sections on composing a design, working with colour and value plus much more. Full colour, 112 pages. 6 Login For Price
CT10928 *BOOK-KIM SCHAEFER'S CALENDAR RUNNERS. Set a fresh and festive table all year round with 12 seasonal table runners, placemats, and napkin patterns from best-selling designer Kim Schaefer. These charming table decorations are so quick and easy to make, you'll want to show off a different one for every month of the year. Calendar Runners make great gifts too, for housewarmings, holidays, and other occasions. Runners are 20.5 64.5" and the placemats are 12.5" 20.5". The book contains 12 applique' projects with bonus placemat and napkin designs and the pattern pack contains a 16 page colour booklet plus twelve 12 x 18" pattern sheets." 2 Login For Price
RIC778 *BOOK - CRAFTY THEMES. This book contains a series of activities that are designed to consolidate familiar lower primary themes such as Me, My Body, Growing Up, Toys, My Community, My Environment, Weather, the Sea, Food, Creepy Crawlies, Things that move and Space. Each activity is supported by detailed teacher notes, clear instructions, a resource list and display ideas. All activities are easily constructed by students with minimal assistance from adults. Ages 5-8 1 Login For Price
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