Corrugated Board

This unique, double-sided, fully coloured throughout (not just the surface), corrugated board is flexible and durable and ideal for any creative art/craft activity.

attr_item-code Description Available Qt attr_price attr_qty
F66445801 FABRIANO CORRUGATED BOARD 50x70cm ASSORTED PACK 100 This display box contains 10 sheets each of white, black, brown, red, yellow, green, blue, orange, magenta & grey. 7 Login For Price
F66445821 FABRIANO CORRUGATED BOARD GOLD 50x70cm PACK 10 5 Login For Price
F66445824 FABRIANO CORRUGATED BOARD BLUE 50x70cm PACK 10 6 Login For Price
F66445915 FABRIANO CORRUGATED BOARD ORANGE 50x70cm PACK 10 6 Login For Price
F66445916 FABRIANO CORRUGATED BOARD RED 50x70cm PACK 10 6 Login For Price
F66445918 FABRIANO CORRUGATED BOARD YELLOW 50x70cm PACK 10 4 Login For Price
F66445919 FABRIANO CORRUGATED BOARD GREEN 50x70cm PACK 10 6 Login For Price
F66445920 FABRIANO CORRUGATED BOARD MAGENTA 50x70cm PACK 10 6 Login For Price
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