Bank & Bond Paper Pads

Translucent paper for rough sketches, initial drawings, layouts and illustrations in pencil ink or felt markers. Pads are 50 sheets (100 pages) with cover and board backing.

attr_item-code Description Available Qt attr_price attr_qty
BAP50A3 BANK LAYOUT PAPER PAD A3 50gsm - 50 Sheet Pad. 4 Login For Price
BAP50A4 BANK LAYOUT PAPER PAD A4 50gsm - 50 Sheet Pad. 5 Login For Price
BOP50A3 BOND PAPER LAYOUT PAD A3 70gsm - 50 Sheet Pad 8 Login For Price
BOP50A4 BOND PAPER LAYOUT PAD A4 70gsm - 50 sheet Pad 11 Login For Price
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