An economical, off-white/natural colour processed paper. It has a surface texture similar to cartridge paper. It is suitable for drawing with pastel and crayon and even painting. Very inexpensive, ideal for all students.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
BULN60A2 NEWSPRINT BULKY 60gsm A2 Ream 500 1 Login For Price
BULN60A3 NEWSPRINT BULKY 60gsm A3 Ream 500 3 Login For Price
BULN8515 NEWSPRINT BULKY 80gsm 38 x 51cm Ream 500 2 Login For Price
BULN8520 NEWSPRINT BULKY 80gsm 51 x 76cm Ream 500 2 Login For Price
BULN8530 NEWSPRINT BULKY 80gsm 76 x 102cm Ream 500 0 Login For Price
BULN85RL NEWSPRINT BULKY 80gsm 76cm x 10m Roll 13 Login For Price
CR36921 BULKY NEWSPRINT ROLL 60gsm 76cm x10m 4 Login For Price
CR36941 ^BULKY NEWS 60gsm 51 x 76cm 10 Rolled Sheets. 0 Login For Price
NEWS100RL NEWSPRINT STANDARD 48gsm 76cm x 10m Roll 14 Login For Price
NEWS1520 NEWSPRINT STANDARD 45gsm 38x51cm Ream 500 1 Login For Price
NEWS2030 NEWSPRINT STANDARD 45gsm 51x76cm Ream 500 1 Login For Price
NEWS3040 NEWSPRINT STANDARD 45gsm 76x102cm Ream 500 2 Login For Price
NEWS500RL NEWSPRINT STANDARD 49gsm 76cm x 500m Roll 3 Login For Price
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