Watercolour Paper - Flamboyant

Natural white, 300gsm paper made from 50% cotton and 50% cellulose, with a unique surface texture. The paper is raw with a highly irregular grain on one side that mimics a lunar surface, allowing artists to produce dramatic effects with watercolour. This paper also retains moisture for a longer period of time making it ideal for wet in wet techniques. Wet on wet techniques allow the greatest innovation while wet on dry gives better control.

attr_item-code Description Available Qt attr_price attr_qty
CF0975060 FLAMBOYANT WATERCOLOUR PAPER 300gsm 56x76cm Pack 10. 15 Login For Price
CF0975064 FLAMBOYANT WATERCOLOUR BLOCK 300gsm 24x32cm 20 Sheets 2 Login For Price
CF0975065 FLAMBOYANT WATERCOLOUR BLOCK 300gsm 31x41cm 20 Sheets 5 Login For Price
CF0975066 FLAMBOYANT WATERCOLOUR BLOCK 300gsm 36x51cm 20 Sheets. 6 Login For Price
CF0975834 FLAMBOYANT WATERCOLOUR PAPER 300gsm ROLL 1.3x10m 2 Login For Price
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