Watercolour Paper - Magnani Annigoni

Annigoni 100% cotton watercolour paper was specifically produced by Cartiere Magnani mill for the Italian painter Pietro Annigoni, best known for his painting of Queen Elizabeth II in 1956. This soft and smooth paper was used by Annigoni for his portrait work.
Annigoni is a beige-toned, 100% cotton, 250gsm and suitable for a variety of overlapping mediums. Its soft handle lends itself to all printmaking and drawing techniques and the surface has just enough texture to take graphite (Annigoni used it for all of his pencil renderings), pastel, charcoal and light wet-media. It is produced on a cylinder mould and it's composition of 100% cotton with the addition of wool fibres and colourants plus the absence of acids and chlorine derivatives, ensures resistance against aging and general wear and tear. Annigoni is a truly unique paper not found anywhere else in the world, still made to the exact specifications by the Magnani mill on the original machine.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
M4521826 MAGNANI ANNIGONI WATERCOLOUR PAPER PAD 18x26cm 250gsm 25 sheets 2 Login For Price
M4522430 MAGNANI ANNIGONI WATERCOLOUR PAPER PAD 24x30cm 250gsm 25 sheets 11 Login For Price
M4522836 MAGNANI ANNIGONI WATERCOLOUR PAPER PAD 28x36cm 250gsm 25 sheets 24 Login For Price
M4523545 MAGNANI ANNIGONI WATERCOLOUR PAPER PAD 35x45cm 250gsm 25 sheets 18 Login For Price
M4524456 MAGNANI ANNIGONI WATERCOLOUR PAPER PAD 44x56cm 250gsm 25 sheets 20 Login For Price
M45250 MAGNANI ANNIGONI WATERCOLOUR PAPER 250gsm 50x70cm Pack 10 sheets 3 Login For Price
M45270 #MAGNANI ANNIGONI WATERCOLOUR PAPER 250gsm 70x100cm Pack 10 Sheets 0 Login For Price
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