Fabriano Medioevalis Social Stationery

Beautiful buff coloured, 260gsm deckled-edged cards. Mould made using quality cellulose with a distinctive grain which perfectly complements work in pen and ink, lead or coloured pencil, charcoal, art crayon, hand printing, stamping, calligraphy and other lettering techniques. Medioevalis can also be used in the commercial printing process. Both cards and envelopes are in boxes of 100 of the one type and the folded cards feature a fold line pre-scored into the card for neat and easy folding

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
F04000207 FABRIANO MEDIOEVALIS ENVELOPE 160x213mm Bx100. Large matching envelope 160x213mm to suit single card 150x200mm and folded card 200x300mm. 22 Login For Price
F04000208 FABRIANO MEDIOEVALIS ENVELOPE 90x140mm Bx100. Small 90x140mm envelope to suit single 85x130mm card and 130x170mm folded card. 16 Login For Price
F04100206 FABRIANO MEDIOEVALIS ENVELOPE 120x180mm Box100. Medium sized envelope to suit the Medioevalis single card 115x170mm and the 115x340mm folded card plus the 170x230mm folded card. 11 Login For Price
F04100209 FABRIANO MEDIOEVALIS ENVELOPE 70x102mm Box100. Extra small matching envelope for small single card 63x95mm 12 Login For Price
F04200206 FABRIANO MEDIOEVALIS SINGLE CARD 115x170mm Box 100. 20 Login For Price
F04200207 FABRIANO MEDIOEVALIS SINGLE CARD150 x 200mm Box 100. 29 Login For Price
F04200208 FABRIANO MEDIOEVALIS CARD SINGLE 85 x 130mm Box 100. 6 Login For Price
F04200210 *MEDIOEVALIS FOLDED PLACE CARD 50 x 95mm Box 100. Cards fold down to 25 x 95mm for table place setting use 698 Login For Price
F04300206 FABRIANO MEDIOEVALIS FOLDED CARD115 x 340mm Box 100. 4 Login For Price
F04300209 FABRIANO MEDIOEVALIS SINGLE CARD 63 x 95mm Box 100. 16 Login For Price
F04400206 FABRIANO MEDIOEVALIS FOLDED CARD170 x 230mm Box 100. 20 Login For Price
F04400207 FABRIANO MEDIOEVALIS FOLDED CARD 200 x 300mm Box 100. 3 Login For Price
F04400208 FABRIANO MEDIOEVALIS FOLDED CARD130 x 170mm Box 100. 7 Login For Price
F04501212 FABRIANO MEDIOEVALIS SINGLE CARD 120 x 120mm Box 100. 7 Login For Price
F04501224 FABRIANO MEDIOEVALIS FOLDED CARD 120 x 240mm Box 100. 14 Login For Price
F04512700 FABRIANO MEDIOEVALIS ENVELOPE SQUARE127x127mmBx100. Matching envelope to suit either the 120x20mm single card and 120x240mm folded card. 9 Login For Price
F19042206 MEDIOEVALIS ENVELOPE CARD-Bx20. Single card measure 115 x 170mm and envelopes measure 120 x 180mm 10 Login For Price
F19042208 MEDIOEVALIS ENVELOPE CARD-Bx20. Single card measures 85 x 130mmand envelope measures 90 x 140mm. 14 Login For Price
F19044206 MEDIOEVALIS ENVELOPE+CARD SET- Box 20. Folded card measures 170 x 230mm and envelope measures 120 x 180mm 13 Login For Price
F19044208 MEDIOEVALIS ENVELOPE+CARD SET- Box 20. Folded card measures 130 x 170mm and envelope measures 90 x 140mm 12 Login For Price
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