3 Dimensional

Aluminium Wire Mesh

Our Aluminium wire mesh has been designed specifically with the artist in mind. Manufactured from super pliable aluminium, it is easy to use and strong enough to hold its formed 3D shape. It can be molded over an armature and the extra fine Contour mesh form can even be molded over a human face! It will support layers of M plaster cloth and paper mache' which can be decorated by spraying or painting with colour. It can be cut with scissors and bent, stretched, gathered or twisted into any shape you desire. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
AWM166 ACTIV-WIRE SMALL MESH 12 x 24 inch 13 Login For Price
AWM167 ACTIV-WIRE LARGE MESH 12x24 inch 0 Login For Price
WG921 FLEX-IT MESH 50cm x 3m ROLL. 8 Login For Price
WIRF8050 WIRE FORM-CONTOUR 16x20 inch (41x51cm) Pack 3 sheets. 49 Login For Price
WIRF8051 WIRE FORM CONTOUR MESH - 10ft (305cm) ROLL. 0 Login For Price
WIRF8101 WIRE FORM SPARKLE MESH - 10 ft (305cm) ROLL. 0 Login For Price
WIRF8201 WIRE FORM DIAMOND MESH - 10ft (305cm) ROLL. 0 Login For Price
WIRF8301 WIRE FORM GALLERY MESH - 10ft (305cm) ROLL. 3 Login For Price
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