3 Dimensional

Modelling Tools

Modelling tools and molds for cutting, extruding, rolling and creating shapes and patterns.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JR210252 PLASTIC MODELLING TOOL SET of 7. Made of space-age material that is 4 times stronger than wood. For use with clay, plaster and air-dry materials or copper and aluminium tooling. Tools measure 6 Inch long. 310 Login For Price
JV00005 JOVI BLISTER CARD MODELLING TOOL STUDENT SET OF 5. This student set of 5 double-ended plastic modelling tools provides10 different shapes to satisfy every clay modelling need. Classpack of 45 Also available. 1 Login For Price
JV00005B JOVI MODELLING TOOL CLASSPACK PACK OF 45. This classpack includes 9 each of 5 double-ended plastic modelling tools to provide 10 different shapes to satisfy every clay modelling need. Individual students sets of 5 also available. 0 Login For Price
JV0000724 *JOVI MODELLING CLAY MOULDS IN BUCKET-24 ASSORTED. This handy set of 24 cut-out moulds in an easy storage carry bucket. Assorted shapes in easygrip plastic. 8 Login For Price
JV00007A *JOVI MODELLING CLAY ALPHABET MOULDS 26 ASSORTED. Jovi set of 26 easygrip plastic number shapes plus two holders in a hang-sell bag. 7 Login For Price
JV00007N JOVI NUMBER MOULDS SET OF 11 ASSORTED. Jovi set of 11 easygrip plastic number shapes plus one holder in a hang-sell bag. 15 Login For Price
JV00007R JOVI MODELLING CLAY MOULDS + ROLLER SET 13. Set of 12 cut-out and press moulds plus a roller in a hang-sell bag. 19 Login For Price
JV00008 *JOVI ANIMAL SHAPES PRESS MOULDS SET 12. Set of 12 assorted animal shape press moulds in a hang-sell bag. 1 Login For Price
JV00009 JOVI JUNIOR PLASTIC MODELLING TOOLS Set of 3. These 3 double-ended plastic modelling tools provides 6 different shapes. Each of the tools is colour-coded for easy indentification. 0 Login For Price
JV00009B JOVI JUNIOR MODELLING TOOL CLASSPACK PACK OF 48. This classpack includes 16 each of 3 double-ended plastic modelling tools to provide 6 different shapes for every junior student clay modelling need. Each of the 3 tools is colour-coded for easy identification by students. Individual students sets of 3 also available. 4 Login For Price
JV00155R *JOVI MODELLING CLAY/SOFT DOUGH ROLLER. A child-size, easy to use, traditional style rolling-pin for use as a soft dough and modelling clay roller for children. 15 Login For Price
JV00420 JOVI SOFT DOUGH EXTRUDER. Soft dough extruder comes with several dies for creating dfierent shapes. 26 Login For Price
JV00422 JOVI PATTERN WHEEL CUTTER SET. Set of 3 patterned plastic wheel cutters that the children can use with ease on soft dough. 34 Login For Price
JV00424 JOVI SOFT DOUGH MINI EXTRUDER SET. Syringe-type extruder with 4 different shapes. 6 Login For Price
JV00426 JOVI MODELLING CLAY ROLLER SET of 4 PATTERNS. Set of four different patterned hand held rollers for making impressions and decorating soft dough and other soft modelling materials. 62 Login For Price
PLAS75 *PAINT SCRAPER HAND TOOL-3 SIDED PLASTIC Handy and economical plastic paint scraper featuring one semi-circular plus two 75mm flat scraper edges.. 3 Login For Price
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