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Air Dry Clay - Colourplus

Colorplus Clay is a premium, natural, self-hardening, pigmented clay. Its exceptional plasticity and ultra fine grade allows the creation of excellent detail and versatility. It air cures with minimal shrinkage, superior strength and durability and will not crumble. Colorplus Clay can be carved, sanded and drilled when dry and accepts virtually any finish. Plus clay is primarily composed of all natural clay so if you choose to do so, it can also be kiln fired between seger cone 6 and cone 4.It is moist, odorless, and ready to use right out of the package. Ideal for artists, hobbyists, educators, professionals, and novice ceramic users.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
BLAWAD05 A lightweight, air drying clay that is durable, responsive and ideal for all types of work. Manufactured from natural substances that dry and harden in the air, so there's no need for firing. Available in brown only. ^BLACKWATTLE AIR DRY CLAY - 5Kg BROWN 15 Login For Price
CP1500BK ^COLORPLUS AIR-DRY CLAY 1.5kg BLACK. 32 Login For Price
CP1500BL ^COLORPLUS AIR-DRY CLAY 1.5kg BLUE. 6 Login For Price
CP1500GR ^COLORPLUS AIR-DRY CLAY 1.5kg GREEN. 3 Login For Price
CP1500RE ^COLORPLUS AIR-DRY CLAY 1.5kg RED. 7 Login For Price
CP1500WH COLORPLUS AIR-DRY CLAY 1.5kg WHITE. 0 Login For Price
CP1500YE ^COLORPLUS AIR-DRY CLAY 1.5kg YELLOW. C 1 Login For Price
CP25006 ^SIO-2 COLORPLUS AIR-DRY CLAY BUCKET This airtight storage bucket contains one 250g block each of black, blue, green, red and yellow. 6 Login For Price
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