Mar 9, 2021How to

Why Grey Matters


Grey Matters solves the issue of glare and reflection!

The Richeson Grey Matters line is built on the simple, yet often overlooked concept that nothing should stand between the artist and the canvas. They solve a problem often encountered by Artists – the annoying glare and reflection from studio lighting and/or the Sun. From the neutral Grey Matters disposable palettes to the Grey matters brush series, no distracting colours or reflective metals come between the artist and a perfectly chosen colour. The brushes in Richeson’s Grey Matters Brush range feature non-reflective hair, non-reflective ferrules, and non-reflective handles — perfect for plein air or in the studio, and ideal for use with toned palettes and canvas. 

The Grey Matters line is increasingly sought after by Artists for its ability to fade away from notice. Only the Highest quality synthetic fibres are selected for Grey Matters Brushes – mixed to accomplish very specific firmness, softness, and paint loading properties.



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