ACCEPTANCE - Upon placement of an internet, faxed, mailed or verbal purchase order the Purchaser is deemed to have accepted the following Terms and Conditions of Sale unless expressly varied in writing by S&S Wholesale Pty. Limited ABN 22 002 072 184 (the Company) which reserves the right to decline any order (or part thereof) and orders shall be satisfied as soon as practicable by the Company in the ordinary course of its business. Where a delivery date is specified in your order, the Company will use its best endeavours to effect delivery by the date specified however delivery times may be affected by stock availability and we will not be responsible for any delays occurring or consequential loss arising therefrom.
PRICING POLICY - All prices listed (or quoted) are net and do not include 10% G.S.T. (Goods and Services Tax). The G.S.T. amount applicable to the goods and other charges will be included in the total invoice amount payable. Prices are subject to change without notice. To assist with monitoring of price changes, an invoice will be supplied with each delivery and customers are encouraged to make the necessary amendments to their current copy of the Catalogue. For fixed price quotations please contact the Company’s Customer Service Department for confirmation and/or quotation of prices. The cost price of delivery may be additional where the nominal packing and handling charge does not apply. Prices of Australian sourced products are beyond the Company’s control and will be subject to change effective the date of the importer/manufacturers price increase. Items marked “heavy or bulky” may be subject to the additional cost of delivery irrespective of the order placed being in excess of minimum order requirements.
CREDIT TERMS - Where Credit Account Facilities have been granted, payment for goods supplied is required by the end of the month next following the month of invoicing. Credit Accounts not maintained in accordance with these Credit Terms will have Account Facilities withdrawn and collection action will be commenced against the purchaser for recovery of all amounts outstanding together with collection costs.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS - Credit Card payment facilities for Visa and Mastercard are available for accounts paid in strict accordance with our credit terms (i.e. by the end of the month next following the month of invoicing). Payments received after the 30 day credit period will be subject to a surcharge of 2% of the amount paid, to compensate for the Credit Provider’s commission charged to the Company.

DISPATCH POLICY - It is the Company’s standard practice to process all orders as soon as possible after receipt. Any item not available for immediate dispatch (due to shipping or manufacturing delays) will be automatically back-ordered and supplied as soon as available. Upon receipt of your initial delivery, should you not require the back-ordered items, please advise immediately otherwise they will be supplied once available. Where an item is no longer available the Company shall use its judgement in sending you the nearest appropriate substitute - this will ensure your planned programme or activity runs smoothly. Shortages on pre-paid orders will not be backordered and any prepaid amounts for the out of stock items, will be refunded.
DELIVERY - The Company will not be responsible for delays in delivery, or part deliveries as a result of events occurring beyond its control prior to or following dispatch of goods. The Company shall not be in any way liable or responsible for any direct or indirect consequence arising from any such non-delivery or delays in delivery. The Company’s liability for non-delivery is limited to replacement of the missing goods within reasonable time.

PACKING & HANDLING CHARGE - A nominal Packing and Handling charge will apply to orders packed ready for delivery within mainland Australia. Freight and packing charges for non mainland (Tasmania excluded) and Export orders are also additional and subject to quotation. N.B Large and/or bulky items marked “plus freight” requiring delivery will incur an additional freight charge (at cost). Please contact customer service on 1300 731 529 for more information.

SHORT OR INCORRECT DELIVERY CLAIMS - Claims must be made within 10 days of the invoice date otherwise no liability can be accepted. Please check the number of cartons received against the number sent as indicated on the consignment note. Customers are requested to unpack the goods immediately and check each item against the accompanying sales invoice. Where a shortage is suspected, please re-check the packaging material before it is disposed of - particularly for smaller items. In the event of an incorrect delivery we will arrange for the collection of the goods delivered in error and delivery of the required items - please refer to “Return of Goods” section below.

CREDIT CLAIMS - Claims for damaged, incorrect or short-delivered goods will not be recognised unless the Company is notified within 10 days of the invoice date. All claims for credit must be authorized for processing by the Company’s Customer Service Department and will be assigned a “Goods Returned Authority” number (G.R.A.) that must be quoted in all correspondence relating to your claim. Before making your initial claim, please check the number of cartons received against the number indicated on the Consignment Note and check all packing material for small items which are suspected as “not supplied”. Please do not sign any Consignment Note until the number of cartons received has been confirmed. The cost of return freight for goods supplied incorrectly by the Company will be borne by the Company.

RETURN OF GOODS - Under no circumstances is a Customer authorized to arrange return of goods for any reason via any method - particularly “Carrier/Courier”. S&S Wholesale Pty. Limited has negotiated concessional Contract rates with its Carriers and will advise Purchasers of the most appropriate return method. No returns can be arranged by the Company until such time as your claim has been approved and assigned a “Goods Returned Authority Number” and the appropriate GRA paperwork forwarded to the claimant and a copy of the Goods Returned Claim form must accompany all returns. Where a Purchaser requests that S&S accept a return, a completed copy of the Goods Returned Claim form must accompany all returns. Where a Purchaser requests that S&S accept return of goods ordered in error (or similar reason), provided the claim is received within 10 days of invoice date, it may be accepted but is subject to a handling charge of 20% of the net goods value of the goods approved for return plus the cost of return freight. We reserve the right to disallow such claims where the goods are returned in a damaged condition due to inadequate packaging or are not in their original packaging or have been used. Any items not shown in the price list but supplied as a “special order” are not returnable for credit.

RETENTION OF TITLE - If the Purchaser fails to pay for the goods on the due date then, even though the Company reserves the title to the goods supplied to the Purchaser and without prejudice to any other rights and remedies the Company may have, the Company may sue the Purchaser for the price of the goods as a liquidated sum.

E. & O.E. - Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this Catalogue. However, all items listed are offered in the units of sale and prices shown (subject to the “Pricing Policy” above) conditional upon there being no errors due to oversight on our part or incorrect details provided to the company on the part of our supplier.

COPYRIGHT - Subject to copyright - unauthorized reproduction in whole or part may result in legal action.
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