Nature Print Paper

The Sun Prints It!
Make photographic images without a camera. Produces beautiful, permanent prints from natural or man-made materials. This unique sun-sensitive paper exposes in direct sunlight to create white on blue prints. Exposure time is 2-3 minutes, then develops in tap water in seconds. It's fast, safe and leaves no mess. Nature Print Paper is appropriate for any age group, includes full, simple instructions and is a nationally recognised educational resource. A non-toxic and recycled product.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
NPK1 NPK1 NATUREPRINT GROUP FUN STARTER KIT. Complete sun-printing kit contains 35+ transparency images to cut, combine and place on Nature Print sun-sensitive paper. Includes instructions and 80 76 x 114mm sheets of Nature Print Paper. Ideal beginner or starter kit for those unfamiliar with sun-sensitive material. 0 Login For Price
NPP20 NPP20 NATUREPRINT PAPER 279 x 432mm PACK 20. 0 Login For Price
NPP25 NPP25 NATUREPRINT PAPER 216 x 279mm PACK 25. 0 Login For Price
NPP40 NPP40 NATUREPRINT PAPER 76 x 114mm PACK 40. 0 Login For Price
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