Film Processing Equipment

A range of film processing equipment including developing trays, reels and tanks, contact printers, negative files and more. 

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CONP35 CONP35 35mm FILM NEGATIVE CONTACT PRINTER. The contact printer allows you to easily make contact prints from negatives. You can easily slide the film strips into the transparent guide with the lights on. Only the unexposed paper is inserted in the dark. Due to the white edge on the copy, the numbering of every contact print can be well read. Holds 7 strips of 5 frames each. For paper sizes up to 20x25cm (8 x 10inch). 2 Login For Price
D2903A D2903A V-TEC QH-3A DIGITAL TIMER 1-999 Sec. Vtec QH-3A digital enlarger timer. 1 Login For Price
D53010P D53010P MEASURING JUG/CYLINDER 2 litre. Tough polypropylene moulded jugs resistant to all photographic chemicals and each is graduated in metric, Imperial and US scales. Moulded handles provide a firm grip, even with wet hands. 2 Login For Price
DEVTR12 DEVTR12 DEVELOPING TRAY 305 x 406mm (12x16inch ). Chemical resistant tray for photographic processing. Shallow tray facilitates the removal of papers 3 Login For Price
DEVTU DEVTU UNIVERSAL DEVELOPING TANK+REEL. This quality tank will accept both 35mm and 120mm film. The tank fills quickly and smoothly and empties rapidly. The cap permits inversion agitation as it has a pressure release valve, preventing the cap from being pushed off due to pressure build up. The spirals allow smooth entry path of film and easy travel. The finger indentation at the edge of the spiral enables the user to feel the film edge in safety. 2 Login For Price
LAMP8 LAMP8 ENLARGER LAMP 75w ESC WHITE. Fits Meopta Axomat 5 Student Enlarger - Edison fitting. 1 Login For Price
NEGF35100 NEGF35100 35mm NEGATIVE FILE - PACK 100. Quality files/pockets for 35mm negatives. Each pocket is 23 x 30cm (9 x 12Inch) and holds 7 negative strips. 3 Login For Price
PD9015 PD9015 PHOTOLAB CASSETTE 35mm PLASTIC-REUSABLE. This high quality cartridge is manufactured from high impact black polystyrene to international norms. It is highly reliable. Equipped with threaded end caps witch permit repeated and easy opening and closing. 10 Login For Price
PRIDR258 PRIDR258 on order - coming soon Login For Price
PRIT3 PRIT3 BAMBOO RUBBER TIPPED PRINT TONGS Packet 3. Quality bamboo tongs with a plastic fulcrum and rubber tips. 9 Login For Price
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