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The Softbox Studio Daylight continuous studio lighting kit provides soft lighting or hard lighting effect. Suitable for use with any backgrounds, photography table and light tent. The 50cm x 70cm Softbox features an inbuilt light bulb holder that can hold any fluorescent bulb with an E27 holder. It easily folds/ unfolds like an umbrella and requires no speed ring to attach to a light head. The Softbox is supported by a 2.6m lightweight aluminium stand. It can be used to mount different light source heads including tungsten halogen lights, flash strobe, Quartz or mono light etc if desired. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
BEAG250 BEAG250 *BEACH LAMP HALOGEN ES GLOBE 240v/250watt. A 250 watt Halogen tube enclosed in frosted glass with Edison screw fitting. 2 Login For Price
KITES50 KITES50 SOFTBOX STUDIO DAYLIGHT SET of 2. Set contains 2 each 50 x 70cm Economy Softbox Studio with light source, 2 x 175W Fluorescent bulbs and 2 x 2.6m Studio Photography Light Accessory Stand. on order - coming soon Login For Price
KITES85W KITES85W SPARE FLUORO.LIGHTS 175w Pair of 2. The Optimal Colour temperature of these compact 85W fluorescent light bulbs make them perfect for photography. They use up to 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer than the standard light bulb. 1 Login For Price
TRBT140 TRBT140 *V-TEC TP1400 TRIPOD V-Tec three section tripod with pan head and Quick release camera plate. Aluminium - light and strong. 2 Login For Price
TRFT133 TRFT133 VTEC 4 SECTION ADJUSTABLE 40-133cm TRIPOD. This adjustable height tripod features 4 collapsible sections together with a 2 way pan head and quick release camera plate. Manufactured from aluminium it is light (0.8kg) and designed to support equipment up to 2kg in weight. 2 Login For Price
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