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All Purpose Glue

The advantage of all-purpose glues is that they can be used for so many applications. These multi-purpose glues are suited for a wide range of applications including cardboard, paper, felt, photos and wood.

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STAA100 STAA100 HELMAR STAINLESS 450 QUICK-DRY ADHESIVE-125ml. Crystal clear, premium grade, fast drying, solvent based stainless adhesive suitable for bonding fabrics, sealing fabric edges plus many other craft uses that require a long lasting washable bond. 125ml twist-top bottle. 32 Login For Price
SUPTG550 SUPTG550 SUPERTAC ADHESIVE GLUE 550gram. Supertac Glue is a thicker, stronger and faster drying alternative to PVA glue. Its thick, non-drip formula makes gluing a variety of materials a breeze! Perfect in the classroom for quick drying times between lessons where PVA wont do. Supertac Glue is great for general gluing and construction as students will find working with Supertac fun and easy since its thicker formula makes it easy to build and hold materials in place while drying, even on vertical surfaces. Water based and non-toxic means it is safe for kids and will wash off hands and fabrics easily while wet. 2 Login For Price
UHUAPA35 UHUAPA35 UHU ALL PURPOSE ADHESIVE GLUE 35ml TUBE. A clear, all-purpose adhesive ideal for use on wood, wood-based materials, plastic, metal, glass, porcelain, ceramic, leather, rubber, felt, cork, fabrics, cardboard. Does not wrinkle paper. It is temporarily correctable when dispensed, before drying crystal-clear to produce a long-lasting bond. 3 Login For Price
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