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Epoxies are more heat- and chemical-resistant than most glues and can adhere to wood, metal, glass, stone, and some plastics. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
UHUQSE20 UHUQSE20 UHU QUICK SET EPOXY ADHESIVE CARD 2x10mlTUBES. A fast drying, dual-component epoxy adhesive that dries crystal clear. Suitable for fast, strong and invisible repair of many materials.Resistant to temperature, water and chamicals resistant plus paintable once dry. Made in Germany 8 Login For Price
UHUUSE20 UHUUSE20 UHU ULTRA STRONG EPOXY ADHESIVE CARD 2x10mlTUBES. Creates a super strong adhesive bond between most materials including metal, concrete, wood, glass, plastic, PVC and more. It is impact, age, damp, heat and cold resistant for added longevity. The mixed adhesive bond is temporarily correctable and workable for up to 90 minutes for stress-free gluing - achieves final bond strength after 24 hours. Dries crystal clear and keeps projects neat and tidy with an incredible bond load of up to 170kg. 14 Login For Price
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