Adhesives & Cutting

Cutting Mats

Self healing cutting mat constructed from a sandwich of P.V.C. layers top and bottom with an inner layer of hard white P.V.C. It will help absorb sound when punching holes in leather. It also protects the fine edges on your knives.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CUTMG22 CUTMG22 GREEN CUTTING MAT 220 x 300mm. 102 Login For Price
CUTMG30 CUTMG30 GREEN CUTTING MAT 300 x 450mm. 270 Login For Price
CUTMG45 CUTMG45 GREEN CUTTING MAT 450 x 600mm. 70 Login For Price
CUTMG60 CUTMG60 GREEN CUTTING MAT 600 x 900mm. 81 Login For Price
CUTMT30 CUTMT30 TRANSLUSCENT CUTTING MAT 300 x 45mm. A rigid, resilient material which makes cut lines 'disappear'. Its transluscence allows it to be placed over a light source (lightbox) for accurate cutting of traced images. 110 Login For Price
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