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Craft Knives & Blades

Quality craft knives and blades for a multitude of uses.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
BOBKLBL BOBKLBL REPLACEMENT BREAK-OFF BLADES- LARGE Pkt 10. Replacement blades for BOBKLGE. 7 part snap-off blade in a packet of 10. 33 Login For Price
BOBKLGE BOBKLGE BREAK-OFF KNIFE - LARGE. A strong and versatile, heavy duty cutter with a high density plastic body. It features safety grip design and the break off blade is retractable and is secured by a safety lock mechanism. 38 Login For Price
BOBKSBL BOBKSBL REPLACEMENT BREAK-OFF BLADES-SMALL Pkt 10. Replacement blades for BOBKSML.12 part snap-off blades in a pack of 10. 28 Login For Price
BOBKSML BOBKSML BREAK-OFF KNIFE - SMALL. A versatile, light duty cutter with a high density plastic body and ratchet action, retractable, 12 part blade with a safety lock mechanism. Knife has a pocket clip and the blade is replaceable. 77 Login For Price
CRAKP11 CRAKP11 PLASTIC HANDLED CRAFT KNIFE WITH BLADE. Lightweight, light duty knives which accept the standard excel craft/stencil knife No.11 replacement blades. Strong plastic hexagonal handle - prevents rolling with positive grip, 4-jaw metal chuck. Supplied complete with a safety cap in a hang/sell poly bag. 508 Login For Price
HOBKS16 HOBKS16 LARGE HOBBY KNIFE SET-16 Piece. Contains a no.1 knife handle with 6 assorted style blades plus one each no.2 aluminium and no.5 heavy duty handle together with 7 assorted blades packed in a convenient, reusable plastic case. 3 Login For Price
LINBK803 LINBK803 LINO BOOT KNIFE 200mm / 8 inch WOODEN HANDLE. The original style lino boot knife with sturdy carbon steel blade with two brass rivets securing the wooden handle to the blade. 19 Login For Price
RAZB100 RAZB100 SINGLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR BLADE Box100. Single edged 'GEM' safety blade with many applications. Fits all razor blade tools. 0 Login For Price
RAZB5 RAZB5 ^SINGLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR BLADE - Card of 5. Single edged 'GEM' safety blade, many applications. Fits all razor blade tools. 6 Login For Price
SFT0142 SFT0142 CRAFT KNIFE WITH SAFETY CAP & 2 BLADES. Precision craft knife with safety cap and 2 replacement blades. 238 Login For Price
SFT0142RF SFT0142RF CRAFT KNIFE No.11 BLADES PACK 10. Packet of 10 replacement blades for craft knife SFT0142 410 Login For Price
SH11SS SH11SS STAINLESS STEEL SCALPEL BLADE No.11 Box of 100. Needle point scalpel blades to suit fixed and retractable scalpel holders. 1 Login For Price
SH3SS SH3SS STAINLESS STEEL FIXED BLADE SCALPEL HANDLE #3SS. Stainless Steel Scalpel Handle to suit SH11 blades 0 Login For Price
SHBLR SHBLR SCALPEL BLADE REMOVER #BLR. Safely remove and dispose of used scalpel blades with this universal unit. 3 Login For Price
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