Adhesives & Cutting

KUM Scissors

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
K5070612 K5070612 ^KUM 25cm TITANIUM COATED STEEL CRANKED SCISSOR. All purpose scissors with Titanium blade for especially tough jobs. 25cm blade. On a blister card. 45 Login For Price
K5070922 K5070922 KUM POP-CUT SCISSORS 133mm BLADE - RIGHT-HANDED. School scissors with 133mm blade, blunt tipand plastic handles. Left hand version available. 238 Login For Price
K5071412 K5071412 ^KUM 13cm BLACK TITAN TITANIUM STEEL SCISSORS. Premium quality scissors providing precise cuts with long lasting sharpness. They feature a high corrosion resistance, extreme mechanical load capacity, very good anti-stick property and rubberized soft grips that lie comfortably in the hand. Blister carded. 1 Login For Price
K9050512 K9050512 KUM POP-CUT 133mm BLADE LEFT-HANDED SCISSOR. School scissors with 133mm blade, blunt tip and plastic handles. On a blister card. 228 Login For Price
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