Adhesives & Cutting

Retractable Knives & Blades

Retractable knives offer an additional level of safety when cutting. The manually operated knives use a push button to retract or hold the blade in place. The auto retract knives are operated by a spring loaded mechanism that requires the user to engage a slider or button (sometimes called a trigger) to expose the blade and make the cut. This kind of handle is inherently safer than a manual-retract knife simply because the user cannot accidentally leave the blade exposed.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MT08007 MT08007 AUTO RETRACTING SUPER SAFETY KNIFE. This knife auto retracts when cut is complete and auto retracts on release. Easy to change blades. 3 Login For Price
SAFGK114 SAFGK114 SAFETY GRIP AUTO RETRACTING BLADE UTILITY KNIFE. Combine the grip of rubber with the safety of the automatic blade retracting system. Smooth, easy to use mechanism. Takes a wide range of replacement blades. 3 Login For Price
TRIK TRIK ADJUSTABLE TRIMMING UTILITY KNIFE. Retractable (Stanley type) with 3-position retractable, push button ratchet. Cast metal construction, finished in grey enamel, complete with two double ended (replaceable) blades. 33 Login For Price
TRIKB TRIKB TRIMMING KNIFE REPLACEMENT BLADE-CARD 5. Replacement Blades - Double ended. 16 Login For Price
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