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Acrylics are the newest and most popular medium for painting. These books will help you learn the art of painting with acrylics using basic methods and techniques. If you are already proficient, they will provide simple and efficient techniques to help you rapidly improve your painting. Learn how to paint landscapes, seascapes, animals, portraits, sky, water and more. They include step-by-step instructions, and many contain photos to illustrate the processes.

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SP10672 SP10672 SEA & SKY IN ACRYLICS. Dave White introduces the simple but effective techniques that he uses to paint stunning, dramatic seascapes with beautiful and realistic skies. He demonstrates spattering, blending backgrounds, painting horizons, finger painting clouds and foam. Clear instructions show how to paint effective reflections and beaches to improve your seascapes. The sky section shows effective techniques for painting all types of cloudand sunsets. Includes three step by step projects show how to paint a beach panorama with a rolling wave, a spectacular sunset over a calm sea and waves crashing on rocks. 1 Login For Price
SP12386 SP12386 ABSTRACT NATURE - Waltraud Nawratil. Learn to create vibrant abstract art that reflects the variety of the four seasons. Austrian artist Waltraud Nawratil shows you how to combine a love for nature with a passion for expressive painting. It is divided into helpful sections to teach the reader how to use acrylics, watercolours or airbrushing, as well as natural materials such as sand, bark and leaves, to create captivating pictures full of colour and vitality.Size: 225x225 mmIllustrations: 170Pages: 112 2 Login For Price
SP13956 SP13956 ACRYLIC ARTISTS BIBLE. The complete manual for acrylic painting. Author Marylin Scott provides over 100 step-by-step demonstrations showing how to tackle tricky subject , from skies and water to faces and figures, all accompanied by full-colour photography. Complete information on materials, techniques, with step-by-step demonstrations. 1 Login For Price
SP13987 SP13987 ACRYLIC FOR THE ABSOLUTE BEGINNER. A comprehensive course in landscape painting with acrylics by popular author and tutor Charles Evans. The book begins with excellent advice for the beginner, including easy drawing for painting, composition, easy perspective, light and shade, colour, and how to use acrylics with different painting styles. There are six full step-by-step painting projects ranging from simple skies to snowy landscapes with horses, each of which is supported by additional exercises and techniques. 1 Login For Price
SP15530 SP15530 PAINTING EXPRESSIVE LANDSCAPES-C. RobsonStrongly influenced by the changing landscape, Carole Robson s artwork is packed with colour, atmosphere, texture and light. An experienced teacher and artist, Carole explores how to build from basic techniques to producing wonderful expressive and semi-abstract landscapes. Combining watercolour with other watersoluble media and collage material, the three detailed step-by-step projects demonstrate perfectly Carole s expertise and innovative methods. They take you from materials and tools needed through to using masking fluid, salt, spattering techniques, modelling paste, cellophane and much more.Size: 216x280 mmIllustrations: 350Pages: 128 2 Login For Price
SP15813 SP15813 PAINTING PORTRAITS IN ACRYLICS. A fantastic, accessible and practical guide to contemporary portraiture. Learn from master artist and author Hashim Akib as he shows you how to produce striking, interesting portraits in your own style. This book includes six step-by-step projects to follow, along with friendly but in-depth advice on colour palettes, skin tone, composition, working from photographs and models, markmaking, lighting, atmosphere and much more. 1 Login For Price
SP16766 SP16766 READY TO PAINT-LANDSCAPES IN ACRYLICS. This beginner guide to painting the landscape in acrylics is ideal if you want to learn to paint but are short on time. Each of the 33 quick-and-easy studies takes no more than 30 minutes and will teach you how to apply a crucial technique to your work or paint a particular aspect of the natural landscape. The book also contains 3 larger paintings that demonstrate how to combine the elements learned into vibrant and inspiring landscapes. Build up your skills in easy chunks learning about form and composition colour mixing working with acrylics and capturing the drama of the natural world. The exercises are all worked at postcard size ideal for a 6 x 4 inch (A6) watercolour pad. All the required tracings are included. 2 Login For Price
SP17268 SP17268 LOVE ACRYLICS (FOR COOL ART). This book encourages you to get over the fear of the blank canvas and the anxiety over the outcome, and focus on the process of painting and the joy of creating. Artist and teacher Courtney Burden shares 100 prompts and projects that will build your confidence and inspire you to roll up your sleeves and play with acrylic paint in a pressure-free way. There is no right or wrong way to create a painting, so enjoy the journey, relax, unwind and have fun! 2 Login For Price
SP17817 SP17817 ACRYLIC PAINTING STEP BY STEP. This comprehensive, go-to guide to acrylic painting provides in-depth teaching and expert advice from three successful acrylics artists. It includes a wide variety of styles and subjects, with 10 beautiful paintings explained using clear, step-by-step instructions and photos.This is a practical and inspiring guide for acrylic artists of all levels of ability, from beginners who want to learn how to paint with acrylics to experienced artists looking for inspiration and ideas. There are ten easy-to-follow, step-by-step demonstrations with clear photographs and helpful instructions. 1 Login For Price
SP18463 SP18463 ACRYLIC PAINT POURING BOOK. Create 16 unique and beautiful works of art using a variety of fun paint pouring techniques. Discover the qualities of acrylic paint and the variety of mediums, gels, pastes and resins that is available to create a huge range of fascinating effects. After the comprehensive techniques section, there are 16 great projects to try all with clear instructions, materials lists and step-by-step photographs. 1 Login For Price
SP18494 SP18494 *EGG ART - Katya Trischuk. 50 beautiful and innovative designs to paint, dye and draw. With a bit of imagination, eggs can be transformed into beautiful decorative items and gifts. A modern and accessible hobby, egg art is something all generations can take part in, and connect over. Egg Art feeds into the current trend of working and crafting with natural, everyday objects, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. 1 Login For Price
SP18517 SP18517 LEARN TO PAINT IN ACRYLICS-Mark Daniel Nelson. Short exercises walk readers through creating 50 small-format finished paintings (450 illustrations) using a wide range of techniques. Whether you re a weekend painter or a painting-a-day kind of painter, there are plenty of wonderful challenges here to keep you occupied and build your skills. Mark Daniel Nelson s first book proved so popular that he has written a sequel. Old fans and new followers will love this practical, how-to paint acrylics book. All the subjects you could possibly want are served up here and presented in the same thoughtful and thorough way in five simple steps. 1 Login For Price
SP19569 SP19569 PASSPORT TO PAINTING BOOK. How to paint retro-style travel poster art by Susie West. Retro-style travel posters are optimistic, aspirational and unabashedly fun. This book teaches everything the reader needs to produce a contemporary twist on the travel posters of the past. Stylish retro travel posters bring to mind summer holidays, happiness and fun. Perennially popular as wall art, their strong designs and clean, flat colours are perfect for hobby artists to emulate. A complete guide to producing your own travel-poster art, this book includes guidance on composing a strong design, selecting colours to make sure your artwork pops, and adding lettering for a picture-perfect finished poster. Learn to create key poster elements such as clouds, skies, water and architecture, and discover how to add your own stylized lettering. There are six striking international projects to complete. 1 Login For Price
SP19866 SP19866 THE ACRYLIC FLOWER PAINTER'S A to Z - Lexi Sundell. An indispensable guide to painting 40 popular flowers in acrylics, perfect for flower artists. This beautiful book is a illustrated directory for acrylic flower artists, revealing how to paint 40 floral subjects, from agapanthus to zinnia, with plant-specific instructions for capturing the unique beauty of each species. All the techniques you will need are clearly explained and demonstrated, from analyzing the shape and structure of flowers to mixing and blending rich luminous colours, laying washes, creating textured effects, and adding highlights.Size: 215x280 mmIllustrations: 128Pages: 128 on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP82276 SP82276 COLOUR MIXING GUIDE: ACRYLICS by Julie Collins. Everything the acrylic artist needs to know from colour theory to complementary, warm and cool colours, colour tone, using a limited palette, dull and bright colours and local colour. Clear, practical and beautifully presented advice. 2 Login For Price
SP84669 SP84669 PAINTING ACRYLIC LANDSCAPES THE EASY WAY. Terry Harrison shows how to paint landscapes in acrylics using a range of simple brush techniques. He describes what brushes are best suited for particular techniques, before going on to explain techniques such as painting a tree close-up, painting reflections and snow, creating distance and using texture pastes, glaze medium and palette knives. There are six beautiful demonstrations with easy to follow text and step by step photographs, covering popular subjects: a summer landscape, a winter scene, a coastal view, a landscape with a barn, a Venetian scene and a beautiful building covered in wisteria. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP86977 SP86977 VIBRANT ACRYLICS by Hashim Akib. With infectious energy and enthusiasm, Hashim Akib shows how acrylics can be used in unusual, surprising ways to create beautiful paintings full of life, atmosphere and colour. Step-by-step demonstrations, exercises and expert advice illustrate his simple, yet effective techniques and there are many inspiring examples of what can be achieved. This extensive book details step-by-step projects that include urban landscapes, pet portraits and abstracts. Neither beginners nor more experienced artists will want to be without this book. 2 Login For Price
SP87967 SP87967 ACRYLICS UNLEASHED by Glyn Macey. A complete guide to using acrylic paints creatively. Glyn Macey s irrepressible energy and imagination shows through in every part of his work. Learn to use your acrylic paints in unusual, creative and surprising ways to create open, inviting landscapes, breathtaking seascapes and urban scenes packed with life. Nine atmospheric step-by-step projects. Dynamic, imaginative techniques and learn composition, colour mixing and how to find inspiration. 1 Login For Price
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