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BOOSDAW BOOSDAW *STUDIO: DESIGN AT WORK By Donald Williams | Copyright Year: 2006 | ISBN-13: 9780170347280 | Published: 03/11/2005. Written for the new NSW Stage 5 Visual Design Syllabus, this exquisite text presents over 20 profiles of a variety of Australian and International designers, exploring their work through the Conceptual framework, Practice and the Frames. Studio will engage and inspire any student of Visual Design. Read what the designer of the iPod has to say about the design process, learn how Dinosaur Designs got started and discover how the Weta Workshop created the characters of the Lord of the RingsTM trilogy. STUDENTS: Year Level: 09, 10, 11 and 12. PRODUCT: Subject: Design & Technology | Subject: Product Design. FEATURES: Written to address the new NSW Stage 5 Visual Design syllabus with content suitable for all students of design | Features Print, Object and Space-Time designs | Includes interviews with a range of Australian and international designers | Includes drawings and early development sketches, with an emphasis on the design process | Includes drawings and early development sketches. 1 Login For Price
CL0130721 CL0130721 DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY:PRELIMINARY AND HSC By Noel Glover | Copyright Year: 2007 | ISBN-13: 9780170130721 | Published:12/10/2006. Design and Technology: Preliminary and HSC is a complete revision of Noel Glover's highly successful Design and Technology for Senior Students. This text provides full coverage of the Design and Technology Stage 6 Syllabus. Outcomes, knowledge and skill statements are at the start of each chapter with activities and weblinks at the end. The CD features video interviews with design professionals and more than 20 templates for students to use when preparing the folio that accompanies the major design project. STUDENTS: Year Level: 11 and 12. PRODUCT: Subject: Design & Technology | Subject: Technology. FEATURES: Detailed coverage of the design process | Particular emphasis on preparing students for the major design project | Outcomes, knowledge and skill statements at the start of each chapter | Activities and web links for further research at the end of each chapter | Web links for further research at the end of each chapter. 2 Login For Price
CL0216104 CL0216104 ART INSIGHT BOOK By Lou Chamberlin | Copyright Year: 2013 | ISBN-13: 9780170216104 | Published: 15/08/2012. Nelson Art InSight is comprehensive, dynamic and relevant to students and teachers in Years 7-10. Past and contemporary Australian and overseas artists and their artworks, are examined in a lively and engaging manner. Many activities are interwoven through the text, generating experimentation, innovation and skills using traditional and mixed media, and digital and installation-based artworks. This third edition has been significantly updated and refreshed, with new artists and favourites from earlier editions. STUDENTS: Year Level: 07, 08, 09 and 10. PRODUCT: Series: Caves to Canvas | Subject: The Arts | Subject: Visual Arts. FEATURES: An extended selection of international and Australian artists and photographers | Flexible structure allows for use in a sequential manner or individual units can be used as independent units of study | Vibrant, challenging approach to developing key skills:- Creating and making in visual arts- Exploring and responding to artworks- Critical thinking, observation and discussion- Cultural, political and historical perspectives. 2 Login For Price
CL0218429 CL0218429 CAVES TO CANVAS By Donald Williams, Barbara Wilson | Copyright Year: 2008 | ISBN-13: 9780170218429 | Published: 27/08/2007. Caves to Canvas is highly valued for its analysis of artists and artwork, from prehistoric times to the present day. Diary extracts, letters, reviews and media reports are used to introduce your students to the world of the artist, and help them to examine historical, social, political and religious influences on artwork. Extensively revised and updated, the third edition includes significant material on contemporary artists and is supported by a student CD-ROM. STUDENTS: Year Level: 09, 10, 11 and 12. PRODUCT: Series: Caves to Canvas | Subject: The Arts | Subject: Visual Arts. FEATURES: Feature boxes on various artistic styles and movements, plus examples of relevant artists | Highlighted quotes throughout, to assist with historical and critical analysis | Glossary definitions in context, in the margin on the page where the term appears | Supported by a student CD-ROM | The student CD-ROM provides a valuables resource for research, assignments and case studies | Questions relating to each chapter of the text, including research and extension material | Wide range of case studies | Emphasis on the conceptual framework?artist, artwork, world and audience | Hyperlinks to a wide range of artworks, artists, galleries, websites and museums. 2 Login For Price
CL0360357 CL0360357 IN OUR OWN IMAGE:THE STORY OF AUSTRALIAN ART By Donald Williams | Copyright Year: 2002 | ISBN-13: 9780170360357 | Published: 15/12/2001. Explores the development of Australia?s identity and experience through the world of art. The text draws on a wide range of critical and historical sources. Painting, photography and sculpture discussed in every chapter. In Focus - A feature study in each chapter profiling either an artist, an artwork, architect or photographer and providing specific activities to explore and extend the topic. Our House and Our City - a series of double-page spreads filtered through the book, which are snapshots of domestic and civil architecture throughout Australia?s history. Critical and Historical investigations - graded activities in each chapter. Chronological approach with themes woven throughout the text. Highlighted glossary words/terms throughout the text. Increased content on indigenous artists. Increased content on women artists. Accessible and lively writing style. STUDENTS: Year Level: 09, 10, 11 and 12. PRODUCT: Subject: The Arts | Subject: Visual Arts. 2 Login For Price
CL0383844 CL0383844 ART DETECTIVE By Michele Stockley | Copyright Year: 2017 | ISBN-13: 9780170383844 | Published: 24/10/2016. The third edition of Art Detective has been fully updated to match the new Victorian Curriculum: Visual Arts and covers the four strands of Explore and Express Ideas, Visual Arts Practices, Present and Perform, and Respond and Interpret. Along with the traditional topics of art appreciation and interpretation, this new edition also focuses on students creating and presenting their own artwork. It has been updated to include a wide range of Australian, indigenous and contemporary artists and their art practices. *Complimentary access to NelsonNet is available to teachers who use the accompanying student book as a core resource in their classroom. Contact your education consultant for access codes and conditions. STUDENTS: Year Level: 07, 08, 09 and 10. PRODUCT: Subject: The Arts | Subject: Visual Arts. FEATURES: Fully updated to match the new Victorian Curriculum: Visual Arts Levels 7 ? 10 | New activities cover the four strands identified in the Victorian Curriculum: Explore and Express Ideas, Visual Arts Practices, Present and Perform, Respond and Interpret | A combined project-based student book and workbook | A highly visual double-page spread, magazine style layout | New and expanded chapters present a wide variety of Australian and indigenous artists and their work | All new Visual Diary content and exercises to prepare students for further studies in VCE Art and Studio Art. 3 Login For Price
SP12331 SP12331 POP ART BOOK. Create your own striking wall art by Thomas B hler. Thomas B hler shows you how to achieve this fantastic art style. Pop Art prints are characteristically bold and colourful, lending themselves to reproduction and making them perfect for beginners. Packed full of inspirational pop art pieces this book includes advice on everything from choosing your materials to using photo or a real life reference and adding colouring and bold design effects. Pop Art is eye-catching, bold, recognisable and, best of all, it s easy to reproduce making it fantastic for beginners. Thomas B hler explains all the fundamentals including materials, tools and the basic techniques as well as everything you need to know about this fashionable art form. The book is packed full of inspirational pop art pieces partly inspired by famous pop art artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein; but including plenty of contemporary references and subjects. More than just a decorative hobby, this book will inspire you to create your own unique works of pop art. A fantastic art style that is very achievable for beginners. Packed full of inspirational pop art pieces. Includes advice on everything from choosing your materials to using photo or a real life reference and adding colouring and design effects. 1 Login For Price
SP15295 SP15295 MAKING & MARKETING A SUCCESSFUL ART & CRAFT BUSINESS BOOK by Fiona Pullen. 'How often do you get to learn from an expert? Well, perhaps this is the most valuable aspect of this book. Fiona has done it already. So, this isn t some lovely classroom theory. This is an expert passing on their knowledge and expertise. A revised and updated edition of Craft a Creative Business, this is a must-read guide for anyone wanting to turn their hobby, craft or art skills into a successful business. Fiona Pullen, owner of The Sewing Directory, covers every aspect of setting up a small creative business clearly and simply; giving advice on the importance of identifying markets, focusing on a USP (unique selling point), assessing the competition, making sure the price is right and setting goals. Also included are sections on product photography and videography, branding and legal matters. Particular emphasis is placed on online selling, with detailed information on markets, blogging, using social media and the importance of analytics and SEO (search engine optimisation). Information on offline selling is included too, with notes on selling at craft fairs, trade fairs and markets, selling through retail outlets, running courses and workshops, and featuring work in the media. Every chapter is supported by practical activities to help you apply the lessons to your business, along with insights and advice from dozens of successful business professionals including Debbie Shore, Torie Jayne and Laura Strutt. 1 Login For Price
SP20897 SP20897 THE COLOUR MIXING COMPANION BOOK. Your no-fuss guide to mixing watercolour, acrylics and oils by Julie Collins. Discover how to make successful colour-mixing choices in watercolour, acrylics and oils. This is a clear, comprehensive guide to colour mixing in the three most popular mediums: watercolour, acrylics and oils. This portable, pocket-sized companion introduces simple colour theory and colour wheels, with templates provided so that readers can paint their own. The Colour Mixing Companion then shows the reader how to mix the perfect colour in all three mediums through a vast array of swatches and explanations of colour relationships. There is vividly illustrated guidance on complementary, warm and cool colours, tone, using a limited palette, dull and bright colours and factoring in local colour, followed by an array of essential colour mixes using widely available paints. The Colour Mixing Companion is a beautifully presented and practical guide to understanding and mixing colours; artists from beginners to more experienced painters will find this a handy, comprehensive guide. The contents of this book have been compiled and refreshed from the hugely popular Colour Mixing Guides, which have sold 40k copies globally. 0 Login For Price
SP32275 SP32275 SWATCH THIS 3000+ COLOR PALETTES FOR SUCCESS BOOK. Perfect for artists, designers, makers by Haruyoshi Nagumo. Expand your colour confidence with a comprehensive dictionary of colour combinations! Colour combinations are made simple with this helpful reference that includes endless amounts of colour palettes for artists to perfect their colour selection every time. 1 Login For Price
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