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Artists of all skill levels will find much to inspire them in this detailed and informative Botanical Art books. Learn how to accurately portray, leaves, stem, the subtlety and texture of bark using different kinds of mediums.

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SP12607 SP12607 BOTANICAL DRAWING. A definitive artists guide to drawing detailed and accurate plants, flowers and other vegetation in pencil. This book provides a thorough and expert guide to the subject of botanical drawing. Penny Brown produces traditional botanical drawings primarily rendered in pencil. From creating an initial line drawing to adding tone and then creating more complex compositions, Botanical Drawing is a detailed study of the practice for anyone wishing to explore the subject in great depth, led by an expert artist. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP13109 SP13109 BEGINNERS GUIDE TO BOTANICAL FLOWER PAINTING. Clean, fresh and precise botanical artwork is within your grasp with Mick Lakin's clear and simple approach.This complete guide to the crisp, precise finish of botanical painting marries traditional technique with contemporary style and includes sections on colour, drawing, continuous tone, composition and dissection. With simple exercises and a variety of step-by-step instructional approaches, this is a fantastic guide for aspirational beginners. 1 Login For Price
SP15196 SP15196 READY TO PAINT IN 30 MINUTES: FLOWERS IN WATERCOLOUR. This complete beginner's guide to painting flowers in watercolour is ideal if you want to learn to paint but are short on time. Each of the 35 quick and easy exercises takes no more than 30 minutes to complete, and will teach you how to paint flowers of different shapes, colours and families and learn key techniques such as masking out, working wet in wet and colour-mixing. The book is broken down into five chapters that focus, respectively, on working with watercolour, watercolour techniques, colour and tone, form and detail, and finally flowers in context. The final section of the book contains three complete paintings that combine all the techniques. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP15264 SP15264 TREES & WOODLANDS IN WATERCOLOUR by Geoff Kersey. Learn to paint trees and woodlands in thirty half-hour lessons with master artist Geoff Kersey. Thirty quick and easy exercises, that each take no more than 30 minutes, offer you a complete course teaching all the skills you need to paint trees on their own and as part of beautiful woodland scenes.The 30-minute paintings are all worked at postcard size ideal for a (A6) watercolour pad, and outline drawings are provided on tracing paper for those who are less confident at drawing. Each of the small paintings focuses on a specific subject or technique and is a work of art in its own right. The final section of the book contains three complete paintings that demonstrate how to combine everything you've learned in the previous exercises. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP15455 SP15455 PAINTING ATMOSPHERIC FLOWERS IN WATERCOLOURS by Jean Haines. The author explains with passion and enthusiasm how to loosen up your painting style and include just enough detail in your paintings to portray the essence of flowers, bringing them to life on the paper and infusing them with vibrancy and energy. She shares unreservedly the materials and techniques she uses, provides a wealth of expert tips and advice, and guides you step-by-step through numerous studies and projects. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP16483 SP16483 THE WATERCOLOUR FLOWER PAINTERS A-Z. From Agapanthus to Zantedeschia, this unique watercolour artist s guide offers easy-to-follow, plant-specific information on how to paint 50 of the most popular species of flower, with the help and guidance of renowned watercolour artist Adelene Fletcher. Included are step-by-step photographs, details, and instructions on capturing the individual essence of the flower, together with comprehensive information on the appropriate techniques and colour mixes to use. Glorious full-colour photographs of the finished watercolour show the depth and variety of the plant portraits. A handy colour key is included for every flower, helping you prepare your palette before delving into your floral portait. 1 Login For Price
SP16612 SP16612 10 STEP DRAWING:FLOWERS by Mary Woodin. Featuring illustrated tutorials for drawing 75 irresistible flowers, every image is fun and easy to replicate in ten simple steps using just a pen and paper. Handy prompts help the reader and every flower has its own distinctive character. 10 Step Drawing: Flowers is sure to encourage even the most nervous amateur artist to dust off their pen and doodle. 12 Login For Price
SP18067 SP18067 BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATIO FROM LIFE- Isik Guner. .Award-winning botanical artist Isik Guner shares her passion for drawing and painting living plants from around the world. Her work is both artistically accomplished and scientifically accurate, and will inspire you to master the skills you need to produce your own botanical illustrations from life.- Discover how to select, preserve and position your specimens.- Develop your understanding of perspective and composition.- Learn the techniques of drawing and watercolour painting.With the help of Ekin Ozbicer s striking photography and numerous illustrations by Isik and other renowned botanical artists, this visually stunning book bridges the gap between science and art and will inspire artists, illustrators, botanists and plant lovers in equal measure. 1 Login For Price
SP20071 SP20071 10 STEP WATERCOLOUR FLOWERS & PLANTS-Longhurst. Using a simple ten-step process, learn how to draw a basic outline starting with simple shapes, then add washes of colour and fine details to complete your work. Arranged in three chapters based on skill level, this book features 25 lovely projects and 300 illustrations, each showing you how to paint a flower in ten steps.There are paint swatches for every plant, showing you the colours you need to mix for each step of the way and the finished painting serves as a reference to guide you. It couldn't be easier! Also included is a useful techniques section at the beginning, and clever painting tips from the author throughout the book. With flora as diverse as a tulip, a magnolia, cactus and passionflower, there is plenty to choose from and practise with, to develop your skills.The really easy way to learn how to paint flowers in watercolour! 1 Login For Price
SP21207 SP21207 PAINT 50: WATERCOLOUR FLOWERS by Penny Brown. Learn to paint 50 vibrant watercolour flowers in seven simple stages. This book focuses on a range of flowers, from rambling roses to elaborate orchids. It will teach you how to paint over the course of 50 simple watercolour projects. Each can be completed in just 7 simple steps from initial line drawing to finished creation, using a small selection of colours and a handful of easy-to-follow watercolour techniques. 1 Login For Price
SP82849 SP82849 READY TO PAINT: WATERCOLOUR FLOWERS. This book provides pull-out tracings for five beautiful floral paintings, along with full step-by-step instructions for how to bring them to life with watercolour paint. A clear guide on how to transfer the tracings to your watercolour paper is included, along with a helpful section on what materials to use.Five easy to follow demonstrations. Step-by-step photographs and clear instructions. Nine reusable tracings to pull out 1 Login For Price
SP21207 SP83266 HOW TO DRAW: FLOWERS By Janet Whittle. Even absolute beginners will be able to create pictures to be proud of following the clear step-by-step techniques demonstrated in this book by Janet Whittle. It includes a great range of flowers, including poppies, fuchsias, geraniums, tulips, water lilies, sunflowers, daffodils and many more. Extremely simple step-by-step drawing method. 1 Login For Price
SP84515 SP84515 BILLY SHOWELL'S BOTANICAL PAINTING IN WATERCOLOUR. Billy Showell is a well-respected botanical watercolour artist with an exceptional eye for detail and ability to re-create the form, texture, colour and patterning of a wide range of plants. There is expert guidance on tools and materials, working from life, observation, and drawing and painting techniques, as well as detailed sections on pattern, texture, and colour and colour mixing. With numerous step-by-step studies, close-up photographs and examples this book is packed full of invaluable advice and information. 1 Login For Price
SP84522 SP84522 A-Z OF FLOWER PORTRAITS. In this book by Billy Showell, 40 flower portraits are presented, arranged in alphabetical order, each one accompanied by small studies, details, step-by-step instructions and the colour mixes used to accomplish the finished work. At the start of the book there are useful sections on the materials and equipment needed and the main techniques used, including wet-into-wet, colour blending, lifting out, layering glazes, dry brushing and colour mixing. on order - coming soon Login For Price
SP88636 SP88636 THE MODERN FLOWER PAINTER by Anna Mason. From complete beginners to more experienced watercolourists, this book offers in-depth instruction on drawing and painting, plus dozens of inspirational floral artworks. This book covers every aspect of painting modern botanical-style portraits of flowers, from tips on gathering your reference to Anna's six stage watercolour process. There are instructions on setting up your studio and how to produce the detailed drawings. Each of the six step-by-step projects is accompanied by an outline drawing, tonal notes and useful colour swatches. 2 Login For Price
SP89473 SP89473 THE KEW BOOK OF BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATION. Christabel King has been doing illustrations fo Kew Gardens for 40 years and is their foremost botanical artist. Here she explains both scientific botanical illustration and the looser botanical art. She covers materials, collecting and preserving plant specimens, drawing and painting techniques, magnification, using dividers, drawing from life, composition, light and shade and transferring drawings. She goes on to discuss painting leaves, flowers, cactii and succulents, wildflowers, trees and plates for Curtis's Botanical magazine. A chapter on travel drawings gives a flavour of the author's passion and worldwide experience. There is a helpful section on suitable subjects for beginners and a glossary of terms. The text is highly illustrated throughout with beautiful paintings. on order - coming soon Login For Price
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